Japan pays attention . . .

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. . . to Oak Park:

OAK PARK, Ill.—When I walked along the snow-covered sidewalk, my feet made a slight crunching sound. A cold spell lowered the temperature to 15 degrees below zero, making me hunch my shoulders. When I looked up though, my eyes were drawn to houses designed by Frank Lloyd Wright, the maestro of modern architecture. . . .

. . . writes Eiji Hirose, Yomiuri Shimbun Correspondent for The Japan News. For him or her it was a “Trip Through Time,” about “Turning a suburb into a masterpiece,” with attention (naturally) to Frank Lloyd Wright.

In case you Oak Parkers and others have gotten blase about it all.

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Fairness in America, via America 3.0, co-authored by Oak Parker Michael J. Lotus

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James C. Bennett and Oak Parker Michael J. Lotus on fairness in America, from their America 3.0: Rebooting American Prosperity in the 21st Century?Why America’s Greatest Days Are Yet to Come :

State of the question:

Americans . . . expect others to work and earn what they get, and to be paid what they have earned. They think that the rewards of life should be granted to those who have earned them in an open, competitive process, while recognizing that there is a certain amount of luck involved.

Major problem:

Crony capitalism, where the winners routinely get picked based on political clout, is a system that contradicts and degrades all of these values, and seeing it in operation angers many Americans.


The “Chicago way,” where clout and connections determine all the important outcomes, has not been America’s way in most places, and we don’t want it…

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Don Harmon’s fairness runneth over. End cometh for unfair tax?

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Senator Don and others had a problem last June, how to pay for things. Voters were waiting, hands outstretched. But the wherewithal was running short , he judged . So he decided to return to the well. Amend the constitution , ditch the one-size-fits-all flat tax, and raise more moolah!

He filed the senate bill on the last day of the session, early enough to “build momentum” in the months ahead, he told The Daily Herald, even get people used to the idea of paying more to live in Illinois. It would be by way of a brand-new progressive income tax. A fair tax, he called it on the hustings last summer, and the bill’s synopsis has it.

Gone will be the “non-graduated rate . . . [so] that this may be a fair tax,” It says. Which is b.s., as if this amendment is…

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Vote Vote Vote Vote Early Early Early Early If not, then March 18 Republican

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Republican Updates: March 2014

1. Early Voting is now until March 15.You are encouragedto vote early, BUT BY ALL MEANS, VOTE REPUBLICAN IN THE MARCH 18th PRIMARY. Your vote counts! and our numbers count.

2. SAVE THE DATE! April 9 Oak Park Library. Michael Lotus, author, speaks on his book America 3.0.

3. Poll watchers are needed especiallyfor Friday, March 14 visits to senior living residences. Call me if you are able to help.

4. The Rauner campaign has been in regular contact with Oak Park. They brought window and yard signs for anyone who wants one. Call me! There will be a phone calling night March 12 at Rauner headquarters 601 N LaSalle, Chicago. Please let me know if you will attend and if you need a ride. Callers are needed any time between 3 pm and 8 pm…

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Truax for U.S. Senate. His new radio ad

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Doug Truax hits the air waves tomorrow. Listen up.

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To like Ike or not to like Ike, that is our question

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Let us now praise Ike Carothers, or at least point out how he is not an absurdist candidate, made for horrifying Democrats and amusing Republicans.

First, he has a point about being forgiven, of course, even by voters. Depends what he did badly and what he did well and (frankly) how his constituents fared, comparatively speaking, especially in Chicago and Cook County, where standards are lower.

The question in any case is how, all things considered, a candidate stacks up against opponents. There are no paragons here. As for Republicans, we live where Democrats decide and others reside, so primaries matter. A.

Consider, therefore, the bad old Ike. In June 2006, when City Hall patronage chief Robert Sorich was standing trial, prosecutors had a list, not a little one, of clouted job seekers and their political sponsors. Ike’s name turned up more . He was the kind of clout-wielder…

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Truax one, Oberweis nothing per Chi Trib in U.S. senate race

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Truax the man:

Today theChicago Tribune endorsedpolitical newcomer Doug Truax in the U.S. Senate Republican primary race, saying he was the best positioned to oust U.S. Sen. Dick Durbin, D-Ill.

It’s a major snub to ice cream mogul and state Sen. Jim Oberweis who was elected to his position in 2012 after making five failed runs for higher office.

“Conventional wisdom doesn’t dictate how dyspeptic voters will treat a profoundly partisan Democrat who helped lead passage of Obamacare — and who’s in his 32nd year in Congress,” the Tribune wrote.

“Oberweis has more name recognition and money than does Truax. If Republicans don’t look deeper, those variables could determine this race. But with one eye on the issues that confront voters and another on Illinois’ imperiled future, the Tribune today endorses Doug Truax.”

More more more here at the Sun-Times’ excellent new politics blog, Early and Often.


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Originally posted on Oak Park Republicans:


Illinois Review has it:

Pro-union groups such as Republican Fund for Progress & Jobs, the Fund forProsperity & Jobs, the Illinois Freedom PAC and the Democrat Governors Association are raising money, running ads, and preparing to put boots on the ground – all to try and stop Bruce Rauner from winning the GOP gubernatorial nomination.

For teachers and public sector unions, stopping Rauner in the primary would prevent them having to spend possibly historic amounts of money on the November General Election.

Insiders tell Illinois Review it would also allow the unions to teach Gov. Quinn and House Speaker Madigan a lesson after they passed and signed a pension reform bill over the objections of the unions.

If state Sen. Kirk Dillard wins the GOP nomination, the teachers unions and AFSCME (which have endorsed Dillard) will, we are…

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Chi Trib endorses Truax for U.S. senator

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Choose Doug Truax to face Dick Durbin
The best candidate to challenge Sen. Dick Durbin

The Chicago Tribune
March 5, 2014

Illinois Republicans have had few successes in – how to phrase the problem delicately? – the 21st century. One of those successes, though, has grown into a respected, independent and, at 54, relatively young member of the U.S. Senate. And if lightning sparked by the public fury over Obamacare strikes this November, the people of Illinois could end up with two such Republican senators: incumbent Mark Kirk and promising political newcomer Doug Truax.

Not that political polls will tell you so: With a four-way joust for governor dominating attention as the March 18 primary approaches, many Republicans have yet to focus on their party’s two candidates for U.S. Senate. What’s more, conventional wisdom dictates that longtime incumbents such as Dick Durbin can’t lose. But conventional wisdom doesn’t dictate how…

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Ash Wednesday: Two Episcopal Moments

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Was on way back from Red Hen (mug of regular, a twist, looking out the window at the bus stop and Scoville Park) to St. Edmund’s, my usual port of call in matters of worship, when passing the Green Line station I had an Episcopal vision.

It was the ashes-to-go priest in long stole, hands free, and two burly fellows standing with back against the stone wall on the left as you enter, ready with ashes. ?Ashes to go,? she said with a smile, and the two ashes-holders echoed that. I had to stop. Fellow Christians were honoring the day.

A moment of greeting with smile, then my inspired retort, pointing: ?Remember, thou art dust.? And they got it, Mother Whoever especially, smiling agreement, recognizing the ages-old recommendation to the ashes-receiver, ?Remember Man, thou art dust and unto dust thou shalt return.?

Aswith Thomas Gray’s ?The paths of glory lead…

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