Let’s hear it for the new Chicago archbishop, the good and (for now) the merely not so good . . .

A Spokane supporter of Chicago’s incoming archbishop:

“This guy is not lukewarm about anything,” said Rob McCann, executive director of the local Catholic Charities, the diocese’s social ministry arm. “He’s a guy that doesn’t shy from a fight, and that’s exactly what the Catholic Church needs.”

He treads lightly where gummint is concerned, however, endorsing ObamaCare no matter what and shying away from at least one major social problem:

He launched an effort to enroll thousands of eastern Washington’s poor in health care under the Affordable Care Act, despite the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops’ opposition to the law’s contraception mandate.

And, shortly after arriving in Spokane, he would not endorse curbside vigils outside abortion clinics, which drew the ire of local opponents of abortion rights.

On the other hand, he knows how to run things:

From the beginning, Cupich focused on untangling the legal mess [remaining from
bankruptcy and other sex-abuse-related issued], according to some pastors within the diocese, who praised his shrewd administrative skills.

At the same time, those within the diocese said his rigorous work ethic drove various outreach efforts that helped rally the congregation.

All in all, what with programmatic and bully-pulpit injections of new life into parish school financing and outreach, including to migrant farm workers,

“His legacy is the momentum from a time of darkness to a time of great hope and enthusiasm, in just four years,” McCann said. “And in the cycle of the Catholic Church, where everything moves at prehistoric speeds, that’s amazing.”

Like Pope Francis, he’s a house-cleaner:

“He doesn’t believe in this privileged clerical class that can get by with whatever because they’re priests, bishops or deacons or chancery officials,” [Rev. Mike] Savelesky [vicar general for
internal matters] said. “He expects high personal integrity.”

As for anti-abortion vigils, he took a conservative position, temperamentally and logistically, endorsing “an education model that asked priests to ‘create new openings for learning and reduce obstacles.'” A sort of make-as-few-waves-as possible pragmatism strategy.

Which means he’s going to talk about it and preach about it, etc.? Old openings not working? What are some new ones? How reduce obstacles?

Finally, from this news conference watcher Saturday morning: The incoming archbishop did very well. Showed he will make good use of the television and radio pulpit which he does not directly control.

(Card. George did well too, btw, neatly reiterating to Jay Levine, who had asked him how he felt, that the question is what he thought. How so-and-so felt being in the category of “Otherwise, how did you like the play, Mrs. Lincoln?”)

Finally finally, is it possible that Abp Cupich will address the state of the world, that is, the Catholic New World newspaper, which in my opinion can use an injection or two . . .

Your classic Dem, Lilly of Oak Park and elsewhere in gerrymandered district

She’s Mama Santa Claus, taxing, spending, loosening restrictions for constituents, adding them for employers, smiling all the while.

There have been updates to your [Vote
] tracked items. Below are changes you may be interested in.

Camille Lilly voted Yea(Concurrence Vote) on HB 105 – Authorizes Election Day Voter Registration – Thu, Sep 18 at 09:00:19
Camille Lilly voted Co-sponsor(Introduced) on SB 741 – Expands Medicaid Services – Thu, Sep 18 at 09:22:12
Camille Lilly voted Yea(Passage With Amendment) on SB 741 – Expands Medicaid Services – Thu, Sep 18 at 09:35:32
Camille Lilly voted Co-sponsor(Introduced) on HB 8 – Requires Accommodations for Pregnant Workers – Thu, Sep 18 at 09:55:09
Camille Lilly voted Yea(Passage) on HB 8 – Requires Accommodations for Pregnant Workers – Thu, Sep 18 at 09:55:47
Camille Lilly was rated 0 by Illinois Citizens for Life – Thu, Sep 18 at 12:20:04

Not so much for the unborn, however, as we see in that last one. She’s convinced there’s no human being there, having given the matter careful consideration, apparently. Sure.

Everything you need to know about North Riverside’s budget battle

Privatize the fire department? Otherwise, deep do-do for North Riverside.

Hank Williams Sr – Mind Your Own Business – YouTube

Happy birthday, Hank Williams, b. 1923, d. 1953. Here’s his “business song.”

(H/T Cafe Hayek)

Pope’s advisers start to overhaul the Vatican bureaucracy | Crux

This could be the signature achievement of his papacy.

VATICAN CITY — Pope Francis’ international Council of Cardinals has begun creating the first draft of a new apostolic constitution that would implement a major reform of the Vatican bureaucracy.

The so-called C9, a papally appointed group of nine cardinal members, held its sixth meeting Sept 15-17 with Pope Francis at the Vatican to help advise him on the reform of the Vatican’s organization and church governance.

Jesuit Father Federico Lombardi, Vatican spokesman, told reporters Sept. 17 that the series of discussions have now begun a more “concrete” phase with “putting ink on paper” in the form of a draft for the introduction to a new constitution.

Stay tuned.

Joe Biden’s gaffe hat trick in Iowa – The Washington Post

Joe Biden, in middle of three-gaffe day, commits one that was missed:

“Income inequity brings a drag on economic growth,” said Biden. “Even Wall Street is concerned about this growing gap between the middle class, the poor and the wealthy.”

Wall Street not overwhelmingly interested in profits? Say it ain’t so, Joe.

Unless he means excessive inequality (inequity? and who decides?), he’s so wrong about that drag-on-growth notion. Inequality is essential to growth, not to mention freedom. How so? Because some are better than others at wealth creation and possession, and gummint efforts to control it interfere with the process.

As for excessive, it applies to gummint control, of course. As for who decides that, we have wise statesman at the behest of wise citizenry, do we not?

Local Dems go to market, scrambling for votes

Columnist Hubbuch is obliquely half-serious in his rather well done column about Oak Park Dems and elicits some very good comments. This one I especially like:

Resigned from River Forest, Illinois

Posted: September 9th, 2014 3:52 PM

I will say this: I admire them for their dedication to their message. Taking the author’s point, maybe if they focused their energy on another suburb (say, Wheaton?) they might find some resistance, and a moderated message. Instead, here in OPRF they are singing to the choir. What’s the fun in that? The best hope for us all is divided government. Citizens who vote for Quinn thinking his policies are effective deserve what they get.

Another good one, moments later:


Posted: September 9th, 2014 4:18 PM


I open a booth at the Farmers Market next to DPOP called “Not ‘Dem” with an arrow pointing at their booth? Our message will be “think for yourself”. Our logo will be an angry donkey wearing an SEIU sweater kicking IL with its hind legs.

And another, about the Dems’ local spokesman/pitchman:


Posted: September 9th, 2014 4:34 PM

I failed to mention that Bob Haisman, our illustrious DPOP messenger in question, retired in 2000 at age 55 and has raked in approx $1.5M in pension benefits so far. So $1.5M in retirement BEFORE we’re even eligible to collect SS…all not subject to IL income tax …$130K this year…retired a dozen years before the rest of us can. He, and the rest of his DPOP ilk, telling us how we should vote.

Well said, that. Sen. Don Harmon’s heart goes out to public-union pensioners when he’s on the stump. For Haisman?

Quotation of the Day…

. . . offered by the excellent Cafe Hayek, Don Boudreaux proprietor:

… is from pages 11-12 of Hayek’s 1948 collection, Individualism and Economic Order; in particular, it’s from one of Hayek’s most profound and important essays, namely, his December 1945 Finlay Lecture in Dublin, “Individualism: True and False”:

[Adam] Smith’s chief concern was not so much with what man might occasionally         achieve when he was at his best but that he should have as little opportunity as possible to do harm when he was at his worst.

. . . See the rest at Cafe H.

Just Who Is Bruce Rauner? | Chicago magazine | October 2014

Read this, my friend, it’s blowin’ in the wind of October and November. Felsenthal does very good work, this time on the Bruce Rauner we all should get to know.

The Just Say No party

Sounds good to me:

“Opposition, n. In politics the party that prevents the government
from running amuck by hamstringing it.”

– Ambrose Bierce (1842-1914), The Devil’s Dictionary, 1911

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