Don Harmon’s a stand-up guy too, also failing to take courage test . . .

. . . as his forum partner and running mate Camille Lilly failed. See below.

The invisible Camille flops again . . .

. . . failing to pass or even show up for the Vote Smart courage test. Another no-show by the heroine of Chicago’s Austin neighborhood:

Camille Lilly has refused to provide voters with positions on key issues covered by the 2014 Political Courage Test, despite repeated requests. Camille Lilly is still welcome to submit the test at any time.

Her district extends into many white neighborhoods in a gerrymandered line moving to the northwest.

But wait! For all this white guy knows, she’s invisible in Austin too! Major contrast with Oak Park’s other Austin-originated representative, who has an office on Oak Park Ave.

She shows for forums, of course, comporting herself decoratively.

Madigan family strikes blow for late-count on election night

AP: Lisa Madigan’s decree prompts officials to rethink vote-counting

With less than two weeks until Illinois’ high-stakes elections, an attorney general opinion has some officials rethinking vote-counting procedures in ways they say could cause big delays in announcing results.

What’s a daughter for, anyhow?

Bad IDOT taken to woodshed. Overdid crony hirings.

Ill. Dept. of Transportation under fedl court supervision. Crony hiring the issue.

Congratulations, Democrat Party of Illinois! You the greatest!

Oak Park’s Chris Meister helped to defuse bad press for alderman

Oak Park’s Chris Meister was in the thick of it in February 2011 when highly placed governor’s men and women worked in emergency mode to protect Ald. Deborah Graham in her re-election campaign. He emailed three of them with her complaint of opponents’ tactics — a “last-minute attack” that “stoops to a new low,” she said — and they got to work.

The opponents had called a news conference to accuse her of steering thousands in neighborhood anti-violence money to supporters, including her pastor. It was “questionable appropriation of anti-violence funding directly benefiting the incumbent alderman,” they said.

Meister was having none of it. “The potential exposure for the governor’s office from the factually incorrect press release alludes to a scenario where the governor and Alderman Graham made these funding decisions [on] their own,” he emailed his fellow strategists. He further noted that four of the opponents had “received . . . either directly or through affiliated organizations state and federal funds.”

They were all beneficiaries, in other words, pots calling the kettle black.

“Hopefully the story will die,” he emailed later, commending Jack Lavin, Gov. Quinn’s former chief of staff and one of the strategists, for his “very valuable” contribution.

Sen. Don Harmon’s office had also helped, in that an aide put together the rebuttal message which had apparently been jointly devised by Meister, Lavin, Quinn’s former chief operating officer Andrew Ross, and Quinn’s director of communications Mica Matsoff.

All in all, the emails give a fascinating snapshot of politicking at the highest levels, in this case to protect an alderman but also the governor himself. At issue was the $54-million state expenditure authorized by Quinn in 2010, weeks before his own election. Graham’s pastor had got $780,000 for his organization. Another Graham supporter had also been blessed with a grant. WBEZ had reported this in the middle of Graham’s campaign, and her opponents seized the opportunity to use them against her.

Meister’s emails came to light two weeks ago, when former COO Ross supplied them for an Oct. 8 and 9 Legislative Audit Commission hearing for which he and six other Quinn aides had been subpoenaed. Sun-Times’ equal-opportunity annoyer (of Dems and Republicans), the excellent Dave McKinney, wrote about them in his Oct. 7 story, Emails show Quinn aides had political concerns over NRI in 2011.

As director of the Illinois Finance Authority, itself a dispenser of government money — to a wide variety of institutions and organizations — Meister was apparently qualified to help tamp down the fallout.

A state audit eight months ago, in McKinney’s words “tore apart” Quinn’s NRI. The whole NRI operation is under federal investigation for its alarming resemblance to a very expensive vote-buying scheme.

If the emails depict high-level damage control, they also demonstrate Chris Meister’s ascension to high levels of gubernatorial consultation. In Oak Park he’s been prominent in DPOP (Dem Party of OP) activities, moderating a candidate’s panel, reporting to DPOP meetings, giving a sort of Joe Biden-like performance. He’s personable, articulate, energetic, on his way, one might guess, to bigger and better things.

He brings energy and smarts to the inevitable politicking that goes with government jobs. Head of the finance authority, thanks to Quinn, since 2009, its lawyer for two years before that, holding an assortment of state-employed lawyer’s jobs before that, including as lobbyist for the state’s Dept. of Commerce and Economic Opportunity, he’s been amassing credentials for quite a while.

He’s smart and competent and knows the ropes. Quinn’s been lucky to have him (Ald. Graham too, for that matter), among other things for his ability to head trouble off at the pass. Something of no small importance for a rising star.


Dems depend on black votes, therefore . . . 

Paul remembers the guy who done him wrong

I would not want to be or have been in this coopersmith’s sandals when he faced his maker:

Alexander* the coppersmith did me a great deal of harm; the Lord will repay him according to his deeds.l

It’s 2 Timothy, 4.14.

I love this fellow Paul. He’s a real mensch (human being). He gets it.

Rauner, Quinn tied . . .

. . . in Public Policy poll:

CHICAGO – According the latest poll from the Paul Simon Public Policy Institute, Democrat Gov. Pat Quinn and Republican businessman Bruce Rauner are in a statistical dead heat as the campaign enters the final weeks.

Rauner held a slim lead among voters likely to cast ballots on Nov. 4, with 42.4 percent to Quinn’s 40.7 percent — within the survey’s margin of error, according to the statewide poll. Libertarian Chad Grimm had 3 percent.

With Sun-Times about to endorse Rauner . . .

And state Chamber of Commerce about to in effect endorse Quinn!

Elevated to the red, these cardinals go purple prose

Originally posted on Company Man:

As this fellow sights and cites.

In addition to the outright abominations put forth in the Synod’s already infamous Midterm Report, there are numerous flowery, and ultimately meaningless, musings such as the following:

The Gospel of the family, while it shines in the witness of many families who live coherently their fidelity to the sacrament, with their mature fruits of authentic daily sanctity must also nurture those seeds that are yet to mature, and must care for those trees that have dried up and wish not to be neglected.

The only way I can think to classify this particular style of writing, knowing that it emanated from an all-male committee of clerics, is to say that it is nothing more than pseudosacral homopoetic prose; an especially annoying symptom of the undeniable feminization of the Church Militant that began at Vatican II.

It’s the cardinals’ clerks that done it, but…

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