Daily Archives: May 26, 2006

The baldest and the boldest . . .

. . . statement of raw k.m.a. power comes from the dean of black alderman, William Beaver, who says, regarding his man John Stroger, sick as a dog but propped up by the palace guard as ongoing president of the county board and as Dem candidate for re-election in November until the guard decides otherwise:
“President Stroger is alive and well .. And whoever he decides that he wants to replace him — that’s what’s going to happen. … White folks can do it. Black folks can do it — easily. We got control of the [weighted] votes in the city and the county, so we do what we want to do. Remember that.”
That was yesterday’s paper.  Today Beavers has the nod.  Ald. Pat O’Connor (40th), Mayor Daley’s unofficial City Council floor leader, said, “I’m going to support Bill Beavers. I don’t know if he’s going to be a candidate. . . .  [He] would be a good compromise. . . He’s well-respected by a lot of political leaders. I don’t think he suffers any nonsense. And he’s a pretty straight shooter. When you talk to him, you don’t walk away wondering what his feelings are. That’s not a bad trait.”
Wait.  He’s another Paddy Bauler?  Chicago ain’t ready for reform?  Plain talk, yes.

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