Behold this Christian, he loves government

Longtime conservative activist Richard A. Viguerie considers Huckabee’s Iowa win “bad news” for Republicans:

“Mike Huckabee is a Christian socialist. He is a good man, but with a Big Government heart,” Viguerie said in a news release late Thursday night. “He is the most liberal of all the Republican presidential candidates on economic issues.”

Viguerie said Huckabee is inclined to solve any problem by passing laws or launching another government program. “If you like President George W. Bush, you’ll love Mike Huckabee,” Viguerie said. “Conservatives in New Hampshire and the other early primary states had better wake up, and make certain the Huckabee victory is confined to the subsidized ethanol fields of Iowa.”

Well, if he finds as many right-wing Christians in New Hampshire, which we hear he won’t, it’s to worry.  Otherwise, not.

3 thoughts on “Behold this Christian, he loves government

  1. As a Christian Conservative and a church-going Baptist, Huckabee does not meet my criteria for president. Likewise, Huckabee’s popular appeal does not extend to many who call themselves Baptists, including church leaders. One very important incident happened a few months ago while attending a fundamentalist Baptist church in Schaumburg. Bob Jones, who until recently was president of Bob Jones University until his son assumed the role, came to preach at a Sunday morning service. The day after I heard Bob Jones preach his inspirational message, he publicaly endorsed Romney for presidency. No cult affiliation there about Romney’s Mormonism! It is fact that among fundamentalist Baptists all religions other than their own are considered cults.

    I have heard that Huckabee is not well liked by many leaders in the Baptist church. He was angered when he didn’t receive a blanket endorsement from many influential Baptists. As with all church denominations, there are differences in Baptist churches. When serving as a preacher, Huckabee was representative of the liberal wing of the church.

    Huckagee’s compassionate viewpoints on criminals and illegal immigrants are particularly offensive to me. It is fine to be compassionate and to forgive, but the person who committed the wrong must also pay the price.

    I’m likewise turned off by Huckabee’s glib speaking ability which he developed as an evangelical preacher and a paid motivational speaker. As Rush Limbaugh explained the vote for “Huck” in Iowa, it was “identity politics.”

    Just because Huckabee calls himself a Christian is not enough to win my support. It is folly for his supporters to belieive that a Baptist minister could ever be elected as president of the United States.


  2. I note that the mainstream media have rarely gone after Governor Huckabee with the same zeal they have used in attacking other Republican candidates, notably Governor Mitt Romney. It seems that they would give the Arkansas Christian populist a pass, perhaps hoping he might become a more easily defeated opponent for their darling Hillary Clinton machine. unfortunately, despite their fawning attention, her candidacy ran off the tracks in Iowa.
    As a conservative Christian believer, I have learend to “try the spirits” as the Bereans did. In doing so, I too find Governor Huckabee wanting in defining conservative policy areas.


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