Some bishops not cooperating?

Implementation of the Pope’s call for openness to old-style Latin masses has been uneven, with some bishops issuing rules that “practically annul or twist the intention of the Pope,” Msgr. Albert Malcolm Ranjith, secretary of the Vatican’s Congregation for the Divine Cult [sic] and Discipline of Sacraments, said recently, according to the Vatican’s missionary news agency FIDES.

Such reactions amounted to a “crisis of obedience” toward the pontiff, he was quoted as saying, although he stressed that most bishops and other prelates had accepted the Pope’s will “with the required sense of reverence and obedience.”

Oh.  When maverick priests hung with the Latin 40 years ago — Gommar DePauw comes to mind — they were shot down summarily.  The reformers were in the saddle, and no quarter was given.  It was like Elizabeth I’s Cecil demanding conformity 400 years earlier.  The joke was, what’s difference between a liturgist and a terrorist?  Ans.: You can negotiate with a terrorist.

Of course, after Elizabeth came Bloody Mary, and rolling of heads.  Not predicting or wishing anything, mind you.  Just taking note.

One thought on “Some bishops not cooperating?

  1. Mary Tudor, Elizabeth’s older sister, came first. She was called “Bloody Mary” because she tried to reverse the Protestant takeover of the Church in England instituted by her father, Henry VIII. Elizabeth spilled plenty of Catholic blood, but since her side won (the Protestants) and they wrote the history books, she was considered great.


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