Being there is what counts

Among “highs” discovered in last night’s debate by Stephen Green was one for

Obama, for looking and sounding presidential. He still hasn’t said much, but more and more Obama knows how to make you feel comfortable with the idea of him as President. He’s fully developed that something that we call “presidential.” It’s not much of a high, but it was all he needed to prove himself tonight’s winner on the Democratic side.

He’s this year’s Chance the Gardener, a David Axelrod presentation.  Peter Sellers never looked so good.

2 thoughts on “Being there is what counts

  1. Obama speaks in cliches, the better to avoid revealing himself as a hard Leftist. The unthinking like his soothing patter about reconciliation and may just vote him into office. God help us.


  2. Right on, Margaret! Glibness of speech and oratory skills rate high with Obama, but where is the beef! His rhetoric is fiilled with platitudes that lack substance all under the guise of “Change we can believe in.'” I can’t believe Americans are yearning for socialized government, amnesty for illegals, increased taxes for families, and pulling troops out of Iraq. Tthese are changes which would happen if Obama is elevated to the presidency. It is frightening how so many young people (Obama’s voting base) view him as their saviour — that the government will provide for them. God help us if any Democrat wins the presidency, because alll of them would weaken this nation perhaps to the point of no return.


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