Newspapers might ponder this

This guy is on to something, or three things, that shed some light on the Great Newspaper Conundrum of our day, especially in Chicago, where the Sun-Times seems to be in dire straits:

The way I see it, newspapers, for now, are positioned to provide three things that are at a high premium and that most blogs/bloggers can’t deliver. I think most would be wise to capitalize on these by shifting the state of mind from being a newspaper to becoming a news organization/outlet/center:

If you want to know the three things, look here.

One thought on “Newspapers might ponder this

  1. Excellent analysis.

    I especially agree that they need to do investigative reporting. It’s too bad that they are reluctant to make that their mainstay instead of reguritating AP news pieces that anyone can link to on Drudge (if the astute readers hold hold their noses against the anti-American bias and try to ferret out the real facts, usually placed in the last paragraphs and contradicting their lead paragraphs and headlines. I have noticed that the newspapers often leave off the salient last paragraph so that the real facts are never known by the average reader — AAARRRGGGHHH!).

    The Sun-Times can’t die soon enough to suit me. Their whole premise of being the voice of the Left should condemn them in the eyes of any rational reader.


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