NYT on Fred

More on Fred T., this from the poo-bah of mainstream newspaper journalism:

Fred D. Thompson, 65, is plying the comeback trail in South Carolina, his poll numbers showing a tease of life — he is, statistically speaking, tied for third in recent polls — and his country wit growing more serrated.

It’s nicely done, by one Michael Powell. 

Meanwhile, back at the Chicago Tribune ranch, Fred finally gets a story, by Lisa Anderson:

With his young wife, Jeri, and two small children in tow, the veteran actor, lawyer and former U.S. senator from Tennessee — the candidate billed as the second coming of Ronald Reagan when he entered the race — vehemently emphasized his vision, consistency and clear conservative values to supporters at The Beacon restaurant in Spartanburg on Friday, telling them “That’s why we will win.”

Now really.  “Vehemently”?  He gets vehement?  How about “vigorously”?  Or even “forthrightly.” 

Point is, Chi Trib will be the last to know if Fred has winning touch:

Fred Thompson, the actor and ex-U.S. senator from Tennessee, has yet to justify the advance billing that suggested he is the second coming of Reagan.

is how its Tim Jones said it yesterday.

A more sympathetic observer has him shining “at the last minute,” however.

in the final appearance of Thompson’s South Carolina primary campaign, in a packed room at Greenville’s Embassy Suites hotel. At that appearance, Thompson was so good, so energized, so non-laid-back-Fred, that many of his supporters wondered where the man had been during the campaign.

That’s Byron York of National Review Online.  Hey.  Pay your money and take your choice.

One thought on “NYT on Fred

  1. I hope he wins, but the news media will do all that it can to ignore him and hope he fades away.


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