Reader Nancy notes that Cheryl Reed is back on the Sun-Times hard-copy masthead today, eight days after resigning in high dudgeon.  A mistake, I told her, citing the web site.  “Strange, indeed, that such a mistake should be made,” she said.  I agree.

Does JJ Jr. deserve this space?

I suppose this is standard, to let your hometown Congressman puff for the state’s favorite son, which is what Rep. J.J., Jr. is given top-billing op-ed space today to do.  But it’s too much bending over (backward) to let the man have his say, ignoring the purely partisan politics of the case:

The Democratic Party is on fire. We have two talented, precedent-shattering, history-making candidates. We have a fired-up, mobilized, energized base, breaking voting turnout records. We have a grass-roots donor base that is using the Internet to set new fundraising records every time we turn around.

That’s his lede for a 680-word argument aimed at heading off the Hillary cause, which favors those super delegates.  What, no Hillary spokesman?

Rep. J.J.’s position deserves airing, but not in this position of privilege and not at such length in words entirely of his choosing, well chosen though they may be.  Rather, they belong in a news story in which Hillary people can offer their views of the matter, decline comment, whatever.