Letter from Dick

In further Adventures of the Ed Page at Chi Trib, we see or may surmise that State’s Attorney Dick Devine went for top billing for an op-ed with this, beginning thus:

In recent weeks the Tribune has mentioned prosecutorial “misconduct” in its editorial pages. This is a term that grabs the public’s attention, so it is important that the efforts of our office on this issue be stated.

Nothing doing, as the world turned.  Instead, unlike Mayor Daley yesterday and Congr. Jesse Jackson Jr. the day before, he is awarded no such encomium.  His Voice of the People contribution, on the other hand, is a mere letter, albeit the lede.

No surprise there.  He’s county, neither city nor congressional district, and lame duck besides.

Substantively speaking, he offers this as part of his defense of his office, recently criticized in a primary campaign and already criticized in the general:

Our office handles 70,000 felonies and more than 200,000 misdemeanor cases each year.  . . . .   In 2007, the last year for which full numbers are available, the appellate courts in Illinois heard a number of appeals from guilty verdicts in Cook County. Our examination of the public record shows that of those appeals, only four even mention prosecutorial error and only one was sent back to the trial courts for reconsideration based on that error.

And if Tony Petraica has something to say about that, he can write a letter too.