Barree, Barree . . .

Is this David Axelrod’s idea, for women to swoon and Barack to toss them bottles?

There seems to be a trend at Obama rallies … women fainting. And interestingly enough the Senator responds the same way every time, almost as if … naah, couldn’t be.

Connecticut DJ Jim Vicevich did some research.  In Hartford, New Hampshire, Seattle, LA, and Madison, the emotion of the moment overwhelmed them.

when a woman appeared to faint in the standing-only VIP section in front of the podium, Obama paused his speech for over a minute as he directed the crowd to make way for an EMT team and tossed a bottle of water from the stage.

In New Hampshire he reached beneath the podium top, found a bottle, and handed it to someone before they wheeled the woman out on a gurney.

Climate change, the Iraq war and Obama tossing a bottle of water to a woman about to faint all received big cheers [in Seattle]. As Obama told the crowd to part so that the woman in question could leave and called for help, a young girl in the crowd shouted out, “What a man!”
The audience roared with laughter (although the press that has seen this happen before rolled its eyes).

In LA:

A woman standing in front of the stage appeared to faint as Obama spoke about Iraq. The candidate paused and asked the crowd to make way for firefighters.One supporter shouted, “You’re a good man,” leaving Obama momentarily at a loss for words.”Well, I’m not the only one stopping to help her,” he said, sounding almost embarrassed.

Before he even got to the Madison crowd,

students were tossing around an inflatable cow above the crowd. Three people fainted in the midst of all the enthusiasm.

“This could be a really swell game,” commented the DJ.  “Count the number of people on the campaign overcome by the “vapas”.

James Taranto was more serious about it:

What exactly are we to make of this? A cynic might wonder if the whole thing isn’t staged, given how often it happens and how well-honed and self-serving Obama’s standard response seems to be.

But if it’s spontaneous, that’s in a way even more unsettling. . . . . 

Obama has a talent for eliciting intense emotion–an ability that can be dangerous in a politician. What more does he have to offer? That’s a hard question to answer . . .

And he could be The Man.