The girl who couldn’t talk straight

To paraphrase Maurice Chevalier, thank heaven (Barack does) for little girls (as in go-girl), little (not real little) Afro-American girls like Mary Mitchell, who can come to the aid of their Afr-Am heroines, getting them out of hot water.

I  understood exactly what Michelle Obama meant when she expressed a renewed pride in America. Look at what’s happening.

Michelle committed a hugely self-revealing boo-boo born of some sort of frustration, digging deep in her psyche for her undifferentiated angst about being you know what in America, but to the rescue came Mary, not only columnizing but commandeering the entire multi-color front page of the splashiest newspaper west of the New York Post.

Michelle: I’ve always been proud of U.S.

PRIDE IN AMERICA | No reason to apologize — she had it right the first time

Go girls!