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Oh, ‘Bama, you’re so vain . . .

With his own “cocky ignorance and the media behind” him, whom need Cocky Locky fear?

He has written the Sec. of Defense, Thomas Sowell writes, “in a tone as if he is already President, addressing one of his subordinates,” calling for a “swift response,” about battlefield suicides and back-home homicides by U.S. troops.

He reacts with political acuteness to “the widely publicized statistic that suicide rates among American troops have gone up,” ignoring what has “not been widely publicized . . . that this higher suicide rate is still not as high as the suicide rate among demographically comparable civilians.”

He also buys the easily discredited NY Times story about homicides by veterans although “the homicide rate among returning veterans [has been shown to be ] a fraction of the homicide rate among demographically comparable civilians.”

So as candidate he badgers the guy running two wars, telling him to hop to it with whys and wherefores and what’s he gonna do about it?

Has he no shame?


One more for the road?

Instapundit, quite an afficionado of the long and healthy life, is happy to report more good things about red wine and wine in general:

RED WINE: Is there anything it can’t do? “Recent reports suggest that red wine is a potent force in increasing lifespan, and a new study offers still more good news for wine drinkers. A glass a day, whether white or red, may reduce the risk of developing the nation’s most common liver disorder, nonalcoholic fatty liver disease.”

He wisely adds this cautionary note, however:

Note: Drinking a bottle a day will not make you five times better than a glass . . .

Is he sure?  Because if there’s any doubt in the matter, I’m feeling experimental.



Obama picks greedhead

Instapundit lifts this from Mickey Kaus:

“Barack Obama’s choice of Jim Johnson to vet his VP prospects is already embarrassing his campaign . . . Johnson was an atrocious, tin-eared choice on many other grounds. He’s symbol of old Democratic elites–the Mondale Restoration!–and of Beltway business as usual. He’s gotten obscenely rich off of public service while pursuing a failed liberal antipoverty theory (community develpment) and taking credit for spreading around other peoples money. . . .

Why would Obama, in his first big personnel decision, choose a paleoliberal greedhead with a track record of failure? You tell me. He’s described Johnson as “a friend.” It looks as if he was at best highly susceptible to amicable overtures from someone he should have had some critical perspective on.”

In other words, the Big O. has more to learn than his hopesters dreamed or they have more to learn about cynicism from him than they dreamed.

Forget Eric Holder for now . . .

(Hopester, sighing: Well at least there’s still Caroline to help pick a veep.)

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