Karl Rove’s ghost rides again! Oh! Oh?

This news release from Camp Obama caught my eye in the Sun-Times, page 3:

WASHINGTON — Intensified attacks by Republican John McCain on the character of his Democratic opponent have coincided with Barack Obama losing a 9 percentage point advantage in a national poll, which showed the candidates running dead even over the weekend.

Republicans at it again, eh?

McCain, who had vowed to avoid the kind of negative tactics that were used against him in the 2000 Republican primary contest with George W. Bush, began attacking Obama during the Illinois senator’s trip to Iraq and Afghanistan late last month.

The rat!

In the course of the McCain offensive, Obama’s lead in a Gallup Poll tracking survey slid from 9 percentage points July 26, when he returned from overseas, to nothing by Saturday, when the poll showed the candidates tied at 44 percent.

What about the politics of civility?

The four-term Arizona senator, who backed the war and claims experience with security and foreign-policy issues, charged that Obama’s promise to withdraw U.S. forces from Iraq within 16 months of taking office amounted to his having chosen to lose a war to promote his run for the presidency.

That’s what he claims?  Experience?  From 26 years in House and Senate, debating and voting on national issues?  And so on and so forth?  Please.

Read the rest of this beautiful making of silk purse from sow’s ear, proof positive of David Axelrod’s ability to get around any problem, in this case a measly nine-point drop in polls.

Wait!  Reader’s mistake!  I get to the end of this marvelous story by Steven R. Hurst and see that hes not writing from Camp Obama but from the offices of the Associated Press, our venerable and venerated news service of long standing as a paragon of fairness and balance,

the essential global news network, providing distinctive news services of the highest quality, reliability and objectivity with reports that are accurate, balanced and informed. 

Soreeeeeeee!!!!!!  My fault!