A priest for many a season

Rev. Richard Simon on his prayer life:

“I try to begin the day with prayer. I say two Masses and try to stay in church and read my breviary and say a rosary. A wiser priest than I once said, ‘The struggle in the church is not between so-called liberals or conservatives, but between those who believe in the supernatural and those who don’t.’”

Nicely said.  The difference between priest as moral officer and as . . . something else.  Big difference.

On tradition:

Why wear the cassock? “Because it’s tradition. Here’s a proverb: ‘He who is married to the spirit of an age soon finds himself a widower.’ The idea that you can be an invisible priest is not very sacramental. There’s no such thing as an invisible sacrament. We’re not like the world, we’re different, that’s why I wear a cassock.”

Invisible priest not very sacramental.  That’s something.  He’s not as big as his priesthood, his badge of otherness.  As in supernatural vs. natural up above, whatever else he has, where the former underlies all.

He almost was a psych major:

Unintended blessings: “A Jesuit saw me standing in the blocks-long line to register as a seminarian at Loyola. It was the ’60s and I wanted to be a psychology major. He looked at my transcripts and said, “You’ve had some Greek and Latin, classics majors can go to the front of the line. I signed on, thinking I’d change it later. Studying Greek and Latin changed my whole life. To read the Scriptures in Greek has been wonderful.

Not to mention poetry.

He’s pastor of St. Lambert RC Church, in Skokie.  Interview is one of the “Five Minutes with Father” feature, Catholic New World, Dolores Madlener the interviewer.  Clean copy.