The lady protests selectively

Three things wrong with Linda Lenz’s spirited defense in this morning’s Sun-Times of Annenberg Challenge, Obama, and William Ayers (p. 14, Sports Final, Commentary, “Other Thoughts,” not online, would be here) [Later, thanks to Nicholas Stix in his comment below, it’s here]:

1. She does not address why Obama did not come clean about his extensive working relationship with Ayers,

2. She inaccurately dismisses the writer who sought access to the U. of Ill. library records as “a blogger for National Review.”

3. She hurts the cause of her magazine Catalyst Chicago in her careless attitude toward an Ayers connection.

As for the first, she writes as if the Obama refusal to acknowledge Ayers as more than a neighbor says nothing about him and his candidacy.  She’s an experienced reporter.  Why does she ignore this?

As for the second, she writes, presumably in ignorance, of “the blogger” — a writer online and off for National Review and other publications and, for what it’s worth, a doctorate-holder in anthropology.

As for the third, she bespeaks a reaction to the best-known unrepentant ex-terrorist bomber in the nation that leads one to wonder what position she takes in her publication and what else goes on in the precincts of its sponsor, the Community Renewal Society.

Bill Clinton speaks of Chicago’s thuggish culture.  Is the Renewal Society part of it?

2 thoughts on “The lady protests selectively

  1. It’s posted now, Jim:,cst-edt-lenz30.article

    Lenz is a self-described “progressive,” who used to be the CST education writer, and before that, she was at your old stomping grounds, the Chicago Daily News. She’s won awards for education writing, which are the contemporary equivalent, I suppose, to getting the Order of Lenin.

    The impression I get of her magazine, is that it was founded (in 1990) to hide what CAC and Chicago educational “progressives”
    were doing in plain sight.

    She oozes contempt for Stanley Kurtz and, based on her ideological background and activism, I have no doubt that she thinks Bill Ayers is as much a hero for bombing federal buildings as for his more recent propaganda work.

    If Obama had been smart, he would have hired her as a counterintelligence officer. Then he wouldn’t have had to try and suppress the CAC material. After all, she’s been doing counterintelligence work for a generation, working against intelligence in the classroom, and against the truth coming out about “progressive educators'” agenda.


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