All politics is what?!

In Alaska, Sarah Palin shot down her homegrown “good old boy network”:

[She] put her political career on the line by challenging the corrupt, old Alaskan Republican bulls on their sleazy pay-for-play politics and their use of the public trust to fill the pockets of their friends.

That’s John Kass today.

She didn’t merely talk about abstract change in Washington. She challenged corruption at home, challenged her own party bosses—some of whom are already in prison—at great risk to her political future.

Change we can believe in where all politics is located, according to Boston pol Tip O’Neill.

It is something I’ve begged and begged Obama to do with the ham-fisted pols in Chicago and Illinois—to not merely talk about change far away, but to take a principled stand even if that stand runs counter to his political interests at home; to challenge the thugs [italics added] of his own party, to give us a reason to believe he’s the man he says he is. He has politely declined.

Of course he has.  He owes everything to Chicago’s ham-fisted pols, with whom he has played ball into extra innings, with more to come.

Can you imagine what’s in it for connected people in Chicago for O. to win?  The corruption prosecutions that will fall by the wayside?  The prosecutor Fitzgerald who will be reassigned?  The contracts that will dry up?  The entire sense of ease and comfort that comes from having one-of-us in the White House?

And by the way, we had another Fitzgerald, another senator, did we not, who went after ham-fisted pols in Illinois — Sen. Peter, who also laid his career on line, settling for one term after giving them fits, if you’ll pardon the (I swear) accidental pun.

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