First Dubya, then effete cool guy meets elite men, women

George Dubya’s farewell to the Marines, vs. Barack Obama’s first appearance as president:

Here we have an illuminating contrast: the United States Marines greeting President George W. Bush on Labor Day versus the Marines greeting President Obama at Camp Lejeune last week.  . . . .

They know who’s on their side.


A day or so later:  A dissenting view of the two presumably telling videos comes from Greyhawk, of the milblog Mudville Gazette, who says it’s a put-up job: Obama’s audience was standing at attention, for one thing, and presumably you can’t get the spontaneity shown in the Bush video.  That and the paste-up nature of the contrasting video made Greyhawk, who is regularly cited by the libertarian Instapundit, very suspicious.

However, from Mrs. Greyhawk comes a link to Amy Proctor — hey, I’m just getting to know these folks myself — who runs the whole CNN video (at “Bottom Line Upfront”) and concludes it was an “embarrassing response” that Obama got.  It was the CNN anchor who called it “tepid,” remember.  I’d just as soon let the Greyhawks argue it out, but I am leaning (back) towards my initial reaction. 

Of course, I do think Obama is a disaster waiting to happen for us all, and that may influence me.  What do you think?

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