Obama at Notre Dame: Noonan speech?

Holy Post at National Post (of Canada) analyzes the Obama-Notre Dame business as an opportunity.  U.S. Judge and former Notre Dame law prof John Noonan holds the key, in the view of Brian Lilley.

Fr. Jenkins has been able to withstand pressure to rescind the invitation to the president by saying the dialogue on this issue is in the best Catholic tradition. His ability to hold his job may depend on whether Mr. Noonan is up to the task of challenging a visiting president.

Was he?  Nothing’s been reported yet, and this avid listener was not present, but Montreal-born Lilley, Ottawa Bureau Chief for CFRB 1010, an AM station in Toronto and CJAD 800, an AM station in Montreal, and associate editor of Mercatornet.com (a very interesting site), cites him on abortion.  Once:

His 1970 contribution to a book called The Morality of Abortion lays out the Christian thinking on abortion going back to the apostles, clearly showing that although there have been differences on where life starts at different points of scientific understanding, the prohibition against abortion has been consistent and clear.


In his 1979 book A Private Choice, Mr. Noonan put forth secular arguments against abortion, ending with this line: “There must be a limit to a liberty so mistaken in its foundations, so far-reaching in its malignant consequences, and so deadly in its exercise, There must be a surpassing of such liberty by love.”

Lilley prognosticates:

If Mr. Noonan was to put those views forward on Saturday [sic], it would be one of the most profound discussions of abortion at the national level that America has seen in years. This could ignite the conversation on this divisive issue in way campaign politics never could.

Well you wouldn’t know it from CNN and Fox News accounts, which named Noonan not once.  CNN, by the way, gave Rev. James Martin, S.J., his opportunity to flack for Obama.  Martin gave several over-the-top statements in support of The One and unreservedly praising his performance. 

Martin Arroyo of EWTN, on the other hand, left the anchor lady fumbling for the text she wanted to rebut him after he demonstrated from the speech the Obama way with words which is at the heart of his appeal.

Martin and the other America Mag Jesuits have fallen head over heels for the president.  I knew that but was in a certain degree of denial.  After this display, I have no doubt of it.

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