Say it with numbers

How we doin’?  Depends whom you ask.  Here’s a graph worth studying:


(Oops, not all of it prints, including note that says maroon dots are actual unemployment data, everything in blue was created by Obama’s economic team.)

It’s from Innocent Bystanders by way of Power Line, which notes that Biden says the stimulus is working better than expected, then adds:

Biden’s dissociation from reality is nearly complete, but one wonders: aren’t there any journalists who are capable of looking up the administration’s predictions and asking Biden fact-based questions? Or is that considered too much work? 

Yes.  Too much.

Biden also plays the morality card:

“I believe this was the right thing to do morally,” Biden said in a speech the White House billed as a major address. “It was also the smart thing to do economically.”

I wouldn’t say it that way.  I’d say it’s the right thing because it’s the smart thing, understood “we’d be derelict in our duty” if we didn’t do it.

But if it’s not working, it’s not smart, and therefore not right.  He’s better off leaving morality out of it.  It’s the last refuge of political scoundrels.

But what if “[t]he unemployment rate went up to 9.7% [in August], reversing the improvement we saw in July,” as Innocent B. says, citing Bureau of Labor Statistics reporting?

And what if jobs are down too, as here?


Sign of government activity that is neither smart nor moral. 

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