Wheeling Jesuit trustee on the spot

The Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests (SNAP) is on the case of a Wheeling Jesuit U. trustee, one of three Jesuits who voted to fire Rev. Julio Giuletti SJ as president.  They want him suspended from the much larger, lay-and-Jesuit board of directors, on which he has also been serving.

WJU’s interim president, Davitt McAteer, told AP the university is pleased with Gleeson — he’s been a director since 2004 — and has no plans to suspend or investigate him.

Gleeson is discussed in an earlier blog.  He had been named as a defendant in a highly publicized sexual harassment suit filed by a former seminarian, John Bollard, a Jesuit in training.  Gleeson was president of the seminary, Jesuit School of Theology at Berkeley.  Bollard told his story on “60 Minutes.”

Aside from [Rev. Anton} Harris [S.J.] sending suggestive pictures of naked men, he said, Gleeson, . . . asked Bollard to masturbate with him. [Another Jesuit, Rev. Andrew] Sotelo, a faculty member at St. Ignatius [High, where Bollard taught], suggested that they cruise gay bars, Bollard [said].  When he reported these passes to a supervisor [the provincial], he said, he was handed a coffee cup printed with the words “No whining.”

Bollard sued, asking $1 million, claiming workplace harassment.  He won an appeals court case enabling him to do so.  The Jesuits settled without going to trial.  Gleeson, pictured here,

TomGleeson SJ_edited,

meanwhile has left his post as rector of the Jesuit Center at Wernersville, PA, for a September-to-December sabbatical.  His replacement is filling in “until a certain unnamed long-term Jesuit replacement [be]comes [available], next summer.”

John Bollard:


Riding the CTA for free no more?

Look out, old-timers, they’re coming after us:

To avoid “very ugly” fare hikes and service cuts on the Chicago Transit Authority system, Mayor Richard Daley said the Legislature needs to end free rides for senior citizens.

Ugly?  I’ll tell you what’s ugly.  It’s you, Daley.

“They have to revisit everything,” Daley said. “And that is one of ’em they have to revisit. Definitely.”

Why?  We’re old, we’re feeble, we’re crabby when we don’t get our own way, we’re more than you can handle, big guy.

The free-ride program was added to the 2008 CTA bailout by former Gov. Rod Blagojevich and later was extended to low-income riders with disabilities, disabled veterans and military personnel. The CTA figures free rides will cost it about $60 million in 201.

He did the Democrat thing, and now some other Democrat’s going to take it away.  Look.  Blago embarrassed Dems because he was so obvious about it.

He spent public money to get votes, he gave favors for private money (his own).  OK, but he over did it!

Outrageous, eh?

This CBC-Sports lede puts the Rush Limbaugh-NFL discussion in perspective:

Limbaugh, an American radio talk-show host known for his outrageous commentary, is teaming with St. Louis Blues owner Dave Checketts and others in hopes of purchasing the St. Louis Rams from Chip Rosenbloom. [Italics added]

Known to whom, pray tell?