White House as target on “30 Rock”

Just watched “30 Rock,” in which Alec Baldwin is called before a White House investigator to explain why his company is doing this and that.  The investigator-interrogator at a supposedly closed session turns out to be a man Baldwin fired a year earlier, out to get Baldwin.

He leaks Baldwin’s testimony, then threatens to destroy his company.  He’s in this position having “wormed” his way into the Obama White House by cozying up to Sasha and Malia.  His final move is to force Baldwin to take a bailout, thus making him Baldwin’s boss. 

On NBC, no less: funny stuff capitalizing on Obama policy and tactics.  And it’s only nine months since The One was inaugurated.  Are times changing?

Later: Damn! Just when I was getting my WordPress hit graph neatly settled in the 100 range, Instapundit struck again, sending thousands to this item.  Now I have to start over again, trying to bring a little neatness into my life.

Yet later: Oh boy. Then along came Breitbart’s Big Hollywood sending hundreds more. Where will all end?

Meanwhile, I have ordered Glenn Reynolds’s An army of Davids : how markets and technology empower ordinary people to beat big media, big government, and other Goliaths from the OP library. 

Then I bought it, at my Abebooks.com store, where I am advised, “Buy all your books used. Help the earth.”  Meet my thin budget, they mean.  Besides, if everyone took that advice, there would be no new books, and then where would the earth be?

I am beginning to get the idea about that army.  It’s marching right through my blog.

Paying piper calls tune

You take their money, you do what they say:

WASHINGTON — Responding to the furor over executive pay at companies bailed out with taxpayer money, the Obama administration will order the firms that received the most aid to slash compensation to their highest-paid employees, an official involved in the decision said on Wednesday.

Furor?  Sure (we read it in the noosepapers), but what about Their Plan All Along?  The crisis too good to waste: there’s power to be gotten.  It’s the power, stupid.

And the smell of Il Duce:

Fascism recognises the real needs which gave rise to socialism and trade-unionism, giving them due weight in the guild or corporative system in which [divergent] interests are coordinated and harmonised in the unity of the State.

The joys of state-run coordination.

Fascism is definitely and absolutely opposed to the doctrines of liberalism, both in the political and economic sphere.

19th-century liberalism here, free enterprise and all that, directly the opposite of today’s so-called liberalism.

In view of the fact that private organisation of production is a function of national concern, the organiser of the enterprise is responsible to the State for the direction given to production.

These from Benito Mussolini, The Doctrine of Fascism, Firenze: Vallecchi Editore, 1935, as at Public Eye.


State intervention in economic production arises only when private initiative is lacking or insufficient, or when the political interests of the State are involved. This intervention may take the form of control, assistance or direct management.

Again, state decides and orders that it be done, using its POWER.

From Fascism: Doctrine and Institutions, Rome: ‘Ardita’ Publishers, 1935.