White House as target on “30 Rock”

Just watched “30 Rock,” in which Alec Baldwin is called before a White House investigator to explain why his company is doing this and that.  The investigator-interrogator at a supposedly closed session turns out to be a man Baldwin fired a year earlier, out to get Baldwin.

He leaks Baldwin’s testimony, then threatens to destroy his company.  He’s in this position having “wormed” his way into the Obama White House by cozying up to Sasha and Malia.  His final move is to force Baldwin to take a bailout, thus making him Baldwin’s boss. 

On NBC, no less: funny stuff capitalizing on Obama policy and tactics.  And it’s only nine months since The One was inaugurated.  Are times changing?

Later: Damn! Just when I was getting my WordPress hit graph neatly settled in the 100 range, Instapundit struck again, sending thousands to this item.  Now I have to start over again, trying to bring a little neatness into my life.

Yet later: Oh boy. Then along came Breitbart’s Big Hollywood sending hundreds more. Where will all end?

Meanwhile, I have ordered Glenn Reynolds’s An army of Davids : how markets and technology empower ordinary people to beat big media, big government, and other Goliaths from the OP library. 

Then I bought it, at my Abebooks.com store, where I am advised, “Buy all your books used. Help the earth.”  Meet my thin budget, they mean.  Besides, if everyone took that advice, there would be no new books, and then where would the earth be?

I am beginning to get the idea about that army.  It’s marching right through my blog.

19 thoughts on “White House as target on “30 Rock”

  1. I doubt times are changing. 30 Rock will take shots at just about anyone and anything. Everything seems fair game.


    1. I don’t buy that. I think they just were Hillary supporters and so The Won is fair game to them / they were never in the tank for him…


  2. Haven’t seen this episode yet. However, the way you describe it, a nice touch would have been for the WH investigator to launch into Baldwin with a variation of his “Glengarry Glen Ross” speech.

    “PUT THAT COFFEE DOWN! Coffee is for Obama supporters! Ya think I’m f***ing with you? I am not f***ing with you.”


  3. They say that comedy has to have some element of truth to it in order to be funny. It is completely within reason to believe that an appointee of the Obama White House would use their power and influence to bully a corporation, just out of spite. Where the truth breaks down, at least with this episode, is that the company being bullied was GE. GE is partnering with the Obama Administration with their green initiatives, public health records & systems and media propaganda enterprises. Just ask GE’s Vice Chairman, John G. Rice.


  4. I saw most of the episode- and it was really well done & hilarious. Baldwin, to his credit and like his politics or not, plays a fantastic top exec. & notorious republican. His “Big Government, Democratic” foil in the episode is played by Will Arnett and is every bit as “hiLLARIOUS”- texting the Obama gals and working his way into a spot on Obama’s team- dispatched to tear down “wasteful” CEO’s. In this case, that wasteful CEO being Baldwin’s character.

    …If only that description of it did it justice.



  5. Yeah, but at the same time this episode was part of the big “iParticipate” volunteerism promotion, so it sort of balanced out. That may have been why they did the other part – to defuse criticism that the network was carrying water for the administration. Which would be ok, because at least they are aware of the issue.


  6. Saw it and was very impressed that the bad guy was an Obama appointee and that Jack (Alec Baldwin)–the selfish, “reactionary” corporate Reopublican– came off as a good guy for defying him.

    However, let me add: that if your girlfriend is a “liberal” like Tina Fey–i.e., she believes your life and property (especially your money) is the property of the state–then, gentlemen, that’s a dealbreaker!


  7. It was hilarious–and sort of anti-government instead of anti-conservative. What liberal could not love the comic genius of Alec Baldwin’s character?

    Yes, they did have volunteerism in the show, but they mocked that too. Good for them!


  8. In the first episode of this season, when talking about the tough economic times Alec Baldwin’s character referred to “Comrade Obama’s recession”. At the time I thought it was a fluke. But now?


  9. Lines like “Comrade Obama” are there to make Alec Baldwin’s character look foolish and reactionary. He also asserted that Obama was a “Kenyan”, to which Tina Fey’s character rolled her eyes derisively.

    They’re not criticizing Obama really. They’re just parodying Obama critics.


  10. Baldwin is an ideologue. A funny actor, to be sure, but driven by politics. Look for oblique criticism of Obama from the left and only where producers (Baldwin is producer) think real political damage won’t be the result.


  11. Heil, O’bama:

    Didn’t you realize that his ancestors were really Irish ?
    But he has not been true to the Old Sod, having ventured to the “Dark Continent” for Special Education.

    His proper nationality must be recognized as Deutsch — no othe explanation can account for his startling resemblance to Der Fuhrer. HIs speaking style is obvously borrowed from Adolf, as is his conception of leadership.

    So — Actung fur Der Neuer Furhrer.


  12. How can they m ake fun of him. They wanted him to be president. You could tell they wanted more than crack-heads want crack. They’re a bunch of politicially correct wimps who are overpaid and live in expensive apartments in New York. I don’t give a damn what they think about anything. In the end, it’s still ‘we’ll make fun of anything we want, but not that. That’s racist to blame terrorists for what they do.’

    “When you see ALec Baldwin, you see the true ugliness of human nature.”


  13. I’ve been watching 30 Rock lately and from what I gather it’s a recreation of the relationship between Mr Peterman and Elaine Benes.


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