This guy’s bad for the party

“The Obama administration has failed miserably in trying to solve the [jobs and foreclosures] problem,” says Democrat Dennis Cardoza, running for re-election in California.

He’s not the only Dem trying to distance himself from the president, “with the back-channel blessing of party officials,” says LA Times.

His district “went heavily for Obama,” but it’s the economy, stupid.

It would be too soon to decide Obama made matters worse if it weren’t for his agenda,

including the partisan trillion-dollar project masquerading as a stimulus bill and the deficit-busting budget.[or if he] had not worked early to support agenda-driven omnibus pork bills, job-killing cap and trade schemes, and union assaults on workers’ rights, to name just a few of his priorities.

He came in trailing clouds of glory — apologies to Wordsworth — but, with no apology, “Where is it now, the glory and the dream?”

Back in Hyde Park on Chicago’s South Side?  Bill Daley wants a bigger tent, but Obama don’t like no big tents, and he’s looooooooosing . . . .

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