These guys keep on truckin’:

For a loyal coterie of workers at Phillips Family Hospitality in Dorchester, staying employed means staying healthy, active — and alive.

“It’s what keeps me going, you know?’’ said Tony Piccuito, 91, as he unloaded trays of water and other beverages from the trunk of the Ford Taurus he drives to work daily from Weymouth. Piccuito, the energetic owner of a sharp sense of humor and a tendency to ignore doctor’s orders to ease up, pushed stacks of bottles in a cart taller than his stocky frame. “You keep working and you forget about how you feel.’’

I have never said I’m retired.  A friend referred to me some years back as semi-retired, and when pushed, that’s what I say.  Most ask me, “Are you still writing?” and accept that I will never stop. 

Doesn’t mean I don’t get sidetracked.  Internet is wonderful, but it can eat up your time too.  Just the other day, I realized I have to get to work on one of the many books I have in mind — the one nearest completion.

It’s important to stay busy, but more important to stay focused.