Kenneth Howell back at work

Alliance Defense Fund, one.  Hate speech, nothing.

An adjunct religion instructor barred from teaching by the University of Illinois after defending the Roman Catholic stance on homosexuality has been invited back to teach this fall.

Adjunct associate professor Kenneth Howell was reinstated on Thursday — a day after the deadline when his lawyers said they would sue the university for violating his academic freedom if administrators failed to reinstate him.

Faculty investigators soldier on.

But the reinstatement is temporary. It does not affect an ongoing faculty review, which has been investigating whether Howell’s immediate removal violated his academic freedom or right to due process.

Another faculty committee appointed to examine the circumstances of Howell’s compensation concluded that the university’s relationship with St. John’s Catholic Newman Center, the Catholic ministry on campus, was improper.

Though Howell taught Introduction to Catholicism and Modern Catholic Thought in university classrooms, he served on the payroll of the Newman Center funded by the Diocese of Peoria — an agreement that remained in place despite scholars’ objections when a religious studies program was established in 1971.

Longstanding objections, therefore?  Reported at the time?  Known by how many even now?  Chi Trib’s Brachear is slipping something in here: It’s what interests her.

Question: Any names to go with the Howell decision to reinstate?  Passive voice irritates: “has been invited . . . was reinstated.”  By whom?  Weak reportage, I fear, all that’s available for now maybe.

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  • Nicholas Stix  On 07/30/2010 at 12:46 PM

    This is great news, Jim. It’s the first time that I have heard of anyone going to bat for a persecuted adjunct, much less successfully.


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