This babe is in the woods

Azteca News reporter Inez Sainz protests ill treatment by football players, in their locker room.  They made jokes when she entered.

[Tamron] HALL [of MSNBC]:  What kind of jokes were they making? What were they saying?

SAINZ: Yeah. “Oh, she’s here! Look, I want to be Mexican,” and something like this.  But I don’t feel bad in this moment because I say, “Okay, they are guys joking and that’s it.”

But she did not feel harassed until another female reporter told her she should feel harassed:

Tamron Hall says, “You didn’t feel harassed?”  Because Ines Sainz says (doing impression), “No, I didn’t feel bad in this moment because, as I say, I was looking at the [QB] Mark [Sanchez] locker. I was looking for Mark and his locker room [sic], and these guys are just joking and that’s it,” and Tamron Hall said: Wait a minute! You’re not following the script here, babe.  “You didn’t feel harassed?”

SAINZ:  Noooo, I didn’t feel harassed — and then go and wait for Mark, and then, eh, a colleague of mine, a female reporter come with me and say, “I’m so sorry. It’s so disgustin’ that this things happen.  It mustn’t happen,” and she’s very upsetI tried to calm her and say, “Let’s pretend nothing happened.  I’m focusing on my job.”

HALL:  There was ANOTHER female reporter —

SAINZ: Yes. I think they —

HALL: — who said that she was DISGUSTED by the way the players were talking to you?

SAINZ:  Yes, because she is hearing what they are talking about. She’s closer for the — the — the players, and I was all in the locker so she’s the main witness of everything. [Italics added]

A case of being a “knife and fork short of a full place setting,” per veteran observer Rush Limbaugh.  On the other hand, honest about it and getting Tamron Hall upset too.


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