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Friends again with our overseas cousins?

Sir Winston Churchill.

His bust got pitched.

Mike Fahy: Interesting article in The UK Telegraph (London) noting that the Tea Party of December 1773 sparked the American Revolution against George III. But the modern-day grassroots Tea Party may play a key role in ejecting Barack Obama from the White House in 2012, thus restoring Anglo-American relations.

Unlike the Obama administration, the new wave of conservative leaders in the United States recognise Britain as America’s most important ally, are suspicious of EU-style supranationalism, and understand the great sacrifices that the US and UK have made in the defence of liberty and freedom across the world. One thing is certain if President Obama loses the White House in 2012. His successor definitely won’t be throwing a bust of Sir Winston Churchill out of the Oval Office.

Editor: Those 1773 tea partiers got a lot of their ideas from the once mother country, now didn’t they?


A definite knack for words

The New York Sun

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This New York Sun knows how to start off an editorial:

O Christian Martyr Who for Truth could die
When all about thee Owned the hideous lie!
The world, redeemed from superstition ’s sway,
Is breathing freer for thy sake today.

Those are the words of John Greenleaf Whittier on the monument of one of the women of Salem, Rebecca Nurse, who went to the gallows in the summer of 1692 for being a witch. Now, more than 300 years later, our greatest pundits are pulling their chins over a long-ago television broadcast in which the Republican nominee for Senate from Delaware talks about a teenage escapade in which she went with a friend who dabbled in witchcraft and sat on what may have been a wiccan altar, though she wasn’t aware of it at the time for the lack of blood.

Why can’t we do that in Chicago?

Off-cuff unintended candor

1869 tobacco label portraying Boss Tweed, from...

Boss Tweed rewarded his followers, 1869

Obama answering Velma Hart at yesterday’s town hall, said you’re the kind of people “we want to reward.”

We?  Who’s we?  He being top dog in U.S. government, he must meant the government.  What’s the government got to do with it?

We, meaning the whole rest of the country, find ourselves rewarded mostly by our own efforts, not a beneficent government, even in social security payments, which I know something about, which depend on past earnings and keeping up with FICA payments.

He says things like that because of his swollen notion of where gummint (my usual term in this context) fits into our (most people’s) lives, with special attention to his role as top dog.

Another kind of gay pride

Couple Gets Married After Waiting 23 Years @ S...

Married in Iowa

Eve Tushnet is not your father’s and mother’s lesbian.  She grew up Reform Jewish and secular, depending on the parent, the child of a Harvard law prof and prison-industrial-issues lawyer, is a Yale alum who found God there in a debating society, converting to Catholic.

Now, at age 32, Tushnet is a unique voice in the discussion of religion and homosexuality. She very openly embraces her sexual orientation but is celibate and advocates against same sex marriage. She is the darling of numerous church conservatives but is also a great admirer of radical pacifist and Catholic Worker Movement founder Dorothy Day.

Ultimately, however — as our discussion below indicates — simple labels and categories are unhelpful with regard to Tushnet , whose greatest commitment appears to be to an “ethos to pursue truth wherever it takes you, and then live up to that no matter what it costs.”

Sounds like newly Blessed John Henry Newman to me, the pursuing truth no matter what.  Busted Halo does the interviewing.

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