Buying big house at wrong time

Ron Huberman with Harper High School Staff, 2009

Huberman meets, greets.

Ron Huberman on way out, as reported?  Substance’s George Schmidt will not be sad.  H. won’t submit to interviews.  S. speculates why:

One other possible reasons [sic] they’ve gagged him is that he went out and bought himself a million dollar “home” right at the time he’s firing the last competent people in the central office and threatening a half million parents and kids with massive destruction (class sizes jumping; teacher layoffs; end of extra-curricular; etc.).

Stupid is a word he doesn’t like having associated with the name Ron Huberman, but in those big two political activities (Data Drivel and Deficit), stupid he is. In purchasing that mansion, stupider.

Arne [Duncan] was smart enough not to do greedy at the same time he was doing cuts and privatizations. Huberman, from the day he started bringing in his posse at enormous salaries right through today, has missed the fact that all the dollars he’s playing with at CPS are in the public eye, unlike his supposed great work at CTA and Emergency Management, to name two.

I come in late to this debate, which dates at least from Ben Willis in the ‘sixties (‘fifties?).  But H’s buying a big house leads to speculation about how good those jobs are at the peak of public education in Chicago.

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