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You think you know achievement in your life?  Compare it with this, from pdb at Chicago’s long-overdue Department of Zoning Oversight Fellowship Forum:

Zoning dept-Pete

It’s as old as dirt, but what better way to nurture hope than through change, or the promise of change. Obama did it, see sweeping election. What comes after is open for analysis. The first and second quarter reports are in for the recent changes in the DoZ, and this Intern can’t find anything to complain about, although he’d like to.

Take this: interior renovation of a commercial storefront in a historic skyscraper down by M. Park. Only days before the scheduled appointment, the architect is able to push it back (2) days; no muss, no fuss.

Read the rest, a.k.a. Adventures of Super-Intern, saving the building world from mindless bureaucracy.