Fourteen? No problem!

Rally for Planned Parenthood
These ladies would never do such a thing.

Newsalert has an undercover video of Planned Parenthood woman giving advice to a pimp with underage prostitutes.

For instance, in the two weeks of inactivity after an abortion, “waist up, waist up.” That way, she can earn her keep while recuperating.

It were better for the Planned Parenthood woman to go swimming with a millstone around her neck and be drowned in the depth of the sea.

2 thoughts on “Fourteen? No problem!

    1. Well, very bright within her interest parameters. Quick on uptake, etc. Judgment woefully awry, yes. She got fooled terribly. But her dedication to sexual behavior as morally neutral, not to mention emotionally, medicinally, character-educationally, etc., is what I take mostly from her performance here. Note the nurse who is a very good nurse as such but a “f****** c***” whom she does not trust. Coarse, contemptuous woman.


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