Sex on campus, after class

What this country needs is more thoughtful discussion of controversial topics.  Take that sex demo at Northwestern U
“We had kind of a duty, I think, to educate these students in a functional and effective way. Psychology students… and my other reason for doing this– if these were going to be psychologists then they have a need to know about this esoteric knowledge that could help someone in the future,” said [Jim] Marcus [male member of the demo team].
John Michael Bailey, the professor in question, is for thoughtful discussion, as above.  He considers it “a cornerstone of learning.”
For one student:
“It reminded me of how comfortable you can be with your body because she [the female member] was unfazed,” said Sam Hazlett, Northwestern student.
At first NU, anonymously thru a spokesman, was not fazed either.  Then alums and others chimed in, and so did the president, finally:

On Thursday in a second statement, the university’s president said he was “disappointed” and “disturbed.”

“It represented extremely poor judgment on the part of our faculty member,” said President Morton Schapiro. “I simply do not believe this was appropriate, necessary or in keeping with Northwestern University’s academic mission.”

In addition [besides], outraged parents and alumni [had] been calling the school.

It’s the joy of sex, mechanically produced.  Who said anything about love?

Later: The prof apologized.

Teddy K’s idea of fun

Kennedy's official Senate portrait in the 1990s
That night in Chile!

In ’61, Ted Kennedy dropped in on Chile as part of his duties (?!) as Assistant District Attorney of Suffolk County and for relaxation became a whoremaster for a night:

While Kennedy was in Santiago he made arrangements to rent a brothel for an entire night. Kennedy allegedly invited one of the Embassy chauffeurs to participate in the night’s activities.

Everywhere he went, the angry young men (and women), leftists all, were his chief interest otherwise.  For political discussion.

Wow. Those guys were afflicted, I’d say. I mean the Kennedy brothers. The family tried to block this info but failed.

Weekend homebodies

Byron York on the case of the missing Dems.  Read from bottom up, of course, and thank you, Twitter!:




Warrants are not criminal or civil, but police can detain lawmakers and return them to the Capitol if they’re spotted in Wisconsin.



‘They will now have warrants on them that if they come back into the state at all, law enforcement will have authority to detain them.’



‘We know that certain senators have been coming back on weekends and spending time with their families,’ says GOP Sen. Hopper.



Wisconsin GOP: Fugitive Dems are making secret visits home.