Ex-Fenwick student in mob book

Al Capone. Mugshot information from Science an...

Chicago godfather

The indispensable Newsalert urges us to:

Check out page 123 of Frank Calabrese Jr.’s new book on the Chicago Mob [where] AFL-CIO leader and Chicago Mob associate Ed Hanley gets a mention.

Yes. Resurrection or Thomas Aquinas, ’45, not sure which; Fenwick ’49, except he lasted only a year, if that.

Stood in the boys’ room at a St. Catherine or St. Edmund dance, coolly showing how to smoke a cigarette, and I mean without half trying. Had a picture of a lovely St. Catherine’s girl we knew, he said; it was a blond Valkyrie maiden, unclothed, sitting at a picnic site, arms overhead, hands clasped behind her head. (His brother had taken it while a G.I. in Germany.)

Another report: he saved a St. Catherine of Siena and Fenwick alum (or student) from a drubbing by bully boys on one occasion, stopping them with a word. Years later, the wife was still grateful.

That was kid stuff. Much later he pretty much hosted or at least prominently attended a birthday party for a Fenwick classmate, maybe at the Como Inn, at which an equally lovely, though only partially unclothed, young woman rose from a cake. Ed’s surprise. I was not there, but got details from some who were. A classmate recalled driving home from the event, that is, he remembers arriving in Melrose Park. Luckily.

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