How Washington Ruined Your Washing Machine

Front-loading washing machine
No, no, no, no!!!

Lo the trusty top-loader. Alas, poor top-loader. Top-loader, I knew you well and loved how you put gravity on my side and did not require me to bend down and stuff things in your side. Like I have to do now!

Scott Walker to school boards

Great Seal of the state of Wisconsin
This state leads the way

Look, said Gov., it’s gonna work out for you:

On Wednesday, Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker explained how the savings gained through the collective bargaining changes recently passed by the legislature will more than offset cuts in state aids to most school districts.

That formula is altered, however, if school districts rush to implement new labor agreements before Act 10 goes into effect on March 26th.

You have a money problem in yr district, don’t give in to unions’ rush to money for themselves.

Jonah, Jesus, and persuading God

Simplified plan of ancient Nineveh showing cit...
Diagram of saved city

Jonah 3 tells how God changed his mind (!) about Nineveh, thanks to Jonah’s pleading.  Luke 11.29-32 builds on this.  It took a Jonah, but a greater God-mover was among Jesus’ listeners, he told them, meaning himself.

More on this Jonah-Jesus comparison: Jonah was (a) thrown overboard at his request (b) to save his shipmates in the dreadful storm, (c) sacrificing himself for others.

Jesus also sacrificed himself, as we know, but achieved more, ransoming us all from perdition, not just a city.  He is the hero of any day’s re-enactment of that self-sacrifice, namely the mass — a truly cosmic event.

How about Wintergreen for president?

President William H. Taft at Grand Army of the...
Wm. Howard Taft was once our man.

Repubs in ’12: who’s lookin’ good?

Republican leaders: Give this party a break. Encourage a Scott Walker candidacy.spur a Chris Christie draftgoose up the Tim Pawlenty driveencourage a drive for Ohios Gov. John Kasich, who when he was House Budget chief under a GOP congress forced Clinton to sign welfare reformand who when Kasich left the House had paved the way for a$190 billion budget surplus.

In short:

We must widen the purview. A twittering ex-governor who gave up her posta Baptist minister pursing up his lips like Cheetah as a coaxes cornball music out of a gee-tara jowly Mississippi governor with a mouthful of hominy grits that sounds like youre in a heap-a-trouble, boy! next to a Sidney Poitier-llke drawing room creation made possible by a compliant press. A forlorn governor with a returned runaway bride.

Hey, when you put it that way . . .

[As for Wintergreen, look here.]