Madison bloggers threatened by union-supporters

Ann Althouse, 2008-06-01.
The brave lady in question

Oh to be in Madison, now the lefties are in heat.

We are at every coffee shop on State, open to close, all the time. We will hang up wanted posters of you everywhere you like to go. We will picket on public property as close to your house as we can every day. We will harass the ever-loving sh*t out of you all the time. Campus is OCCUPIED. State Street is OCCUPIED. The Square is OCCUPIED. Vilas, Schenks Corners, Atwood, WillyStreet Occupied, Occupied, Occupied, Occupied.

This is their warning to U. of Wis.-Madison law prof Ann Althouse, who with her husband Meade covered the recent teachers’ and other unions’ doings in detail as they happened.

The screed goes on to say that Althouse must be silent from now on and make a variety of payoffs to various left-wing causes. Otherwise, she and her husband must leave the state … though they werent quite so polite.

“So this is what democracy looks like?” asks

No. Those orange shirts they were wearing should have been brown.

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