Don’t publish that law, she said

Age pyramid for Dane County, Wisconsin, United...
A college-town county, fat with early 20s

This judge exceeded her authority, says Wisc. AG. Her decision is not appealing, and he will appeal.

The Legislature and the Governor, not a single Dane County Circuit Court Judge, are responsible for the enactment of laws, said [J.B.] Van Hollen. Decisions of the Supreme Court have made it clear that judges may not enjoin the Secretary of State from publishing an Act.

Will the orange-shirts besiege the appeals court?

Helping Japan? Go Salvation Army

Help Japan
Help Japan?

The Sallies have her vote.

Catherina Wojtowicz “couldn’t keep [her] mouth shut on this” (not that she’s known for keeping her mouth shut):

BEWARE of the RED CROSS! Donate to the Salvation Army!


Many are talking about donating to the good people in Japan. I just want to add my two cents about all this boasting about the Red Cross.

They are a horrible, thieving organization! [!!]

I don’t care who suggested to donate to them, including Glenn Beck. The Red Cross is NOT a place where one wants their money to go, if they want it to be used for those in need.

I say this because of years of personal and professional experience in working emergency relief efforts and as a military family member.

The Red Cross will spend your money as wisely as the federal government does. [!]

However, the Salvation Army are a wonderful organization and they do great work. Here is the Salvation Army – Japan site for anyone interested in donating.

If not the Salvation Army, consider a church who works with the people. If you have questions about the validity of what I say, ask a [military] veteran.

Thanks for listening. I just couldn’t keep my mouth shut on this.

Catherina Wojtowicz
Chicago Tea Patriots, organizer