That anti-governor Wis. judge? She’s a union mother!

ABAMarch-SEIU marches across Chicago River
Her son arranges this sort of thing.

Surely, this judge was not about to embarrass or thwart her son:

Maryann Sumi has a clear conflict of interest. Her son is a political operative who also happens to be a former lead field manager with the AFL-CIO and data manager for the SEIU State Council. Both the SEIU and the AFL-CIO have members who are public-sector employees in Wisconsin. In fact, as a federation, the AFL-CIO can boast of several member-unions that represent public-sector employees. Maryann Sumi is hardly an unbiased judge in the matter.

Jacob Jake Sinderbrand, Sumi’s son [see page nine here], runs a company called Left Field Strategies, a firm that works on political campaigns.

Just when you think things are as bad as they will get, they get worse.

Notre Dame pass-catcher in trouble? Really?

Drunk driving safety poster. "Don't mix '...
The issue in question

Notre Dame is a school run on principle:

. . . it is well known that Notre Dame has high standards for student conduct, takes these matters seriously, follows the facts where they lead, and, when necessary, institutes appropriate sanctions at the appropriate time.”

Says spokesman regarding pass-catcher Michael Floyd, up on a drunk-driving charge.

That so? And the sex-assault charge vs. a footballer during the recent season went unpursued by campus police etc. and remains unresolved? What’s that evidence of?

Economics lesson for unwary investors

Modern yo-yos.
Can you make money in yo-yos?

This fellow knows how to start a speech:

There is an old joke applicable to the Catholic media apostolate: How does one make a small fortune in the Catholic press? Start with a big fortune.

So what if it’s been said of the airline business, commodities, woodworking, something in Israel, or yo-yos, to name just a few possibilities.

So what because if you haven’t heard it, you laugh or at least smile and (b) if you have heard it and the timing is right, you at least smile.