Indiana Dems in flight from Republican Herods

The Rest on the Flight to Egypt by David
On the way to Egypt

Indiana (state) house Repubs are “an oppressive majority” pursuing a “radical agenda,” says one of 40 Dems gone from their posts for a month in a quorum-denying tactic.

Unions are paying their fines, now up to $350 a day.

If you want to see them — guess where? — you got it, Illinois, go to for sightings.

For instance,

Rep. GiaQuinta has made numerous stealth visits home to Fort Wayne. The most recent was the weekend of March 18 after [being] given “permission” by Boss [minority leader] Bauer to cross the border. You can read more here. The first trip was on March 6 to do laundry and pay some bills. Read more here.

That’s what I call smokin’ ’em out. Globally positioned, compliments of Ind. Repubs.

I did not know about this flight to the land [238 miles north] of Little Egypt. It’s been under the Chi-newspaper radar, though Chi Trib has an AP story online today.