Notre Dame priest loves unions

United Auto Workers
Greed is good!

Fr. McBrien of Notre Dame gives full-cry support for unions (and their demands) in this day of fiscal danger, wondering where the bishops are to give support to SEIU et al.

Not a word about Detroit and what the UAW did to that fair city.

One thought on “Notre Dame priest loves unions

  1. McBrien fails to mention that today’s political initiatives to rein in collective bargaining all pertain to public employee unions, which weren’t on anybody’s radar screen in Pope Leo’s day. And that state and local governments don’t bargain with privately invested capital to make dirty profits, but distribute other people’s money – taxpayers’ – for the public good. McBrien seems to forget the main point of the story of the loaves and fishes: i.e., it was a miracle.

    What’s the morality of politicians promising generous pensions and free health care tomorrow in return for political payoffs today? What’s the social justice of leaving our children and grandchildren holding the bag for billions in unfunded liabilities?

    Alas, old guard progressives in Notre Dame’s Theology Department shed little light on such questions, being preoccupied with social justice encyclicals from the Gilded Age. “New Realities” indeed.


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