No sooner ordained, complaints about McGuire SJ

The most detailed account yet of Fr. Donald McGuire as molester and the Chicago Jesuit province as looking the other way — for decades.

The newly public documents date from the early 1960s, when a concerned Austrian priest, in imperfect English, first observed in a letter to Chicago Jesuits that Father McGuire, newly ordained and studying in Europe, had much relations with several boys. The reports extend into the last decade, when Father McGuire reportedly ignored admonitions to stop traveling with young assistants, molesting one as late as 2003, as law enforcement was closing in.
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McGuire, now 80, was convicted on several counts of sex abuse in state and federal courts in 2006 and 2008, and is serving a 25-year federal sentence.

Peace, peace, there is no peace . . .

Peace Protesters
Do it and you're d---ed

Nutty, nutty, nutty.

“I feel the Navy has become a technological monster,” said [84-yr-old Anne] Montgomery, a Catholic nun from Redwood City, California, whose father was a Navy admiral. “With my life, I will do what I can to show that nuclear weapons are wrong.”

Go, girl, I guess. Or: get thee to thy nunnery.