Sister sez: God ain’t who you think he (she?) is

A knock-down-drag-out between bishops and theologian, so what else is new?

[The bishops’] statement faults [Sister Elizabeth] Johnson for treating language about God in the Bible and in church tradition as largely metaphorical, implying that truth about God is essentially unknowable.


Sister Johnson

Even if mysteries such as the Trinity and the Incarnation can never be fully grasped, the statement says, they can nevertheless be known. 

While Johnson bases part of her argument on early church fathers, according to the statement, her position actually has more in common with Immanuel Kant and Enlightenment skepticism.

It’s called ecclesiastical pushing the envelope. Keeps us on our toes.

Cut nose, spite face of needy

Poor people
Buddy, if you have a dime, can you spare it?

This be preferential option for the poor?

President Barack Obama’s FY 2012 budget proposal would harm charitable organizations by raising the tax rate on upper-income individuals and families and reducing their income tax deduction for charitable donations.

These two changes in the tax code would discourage charitable donations and leave the most generous donors with less money to donate.

Predictably, they would shift resources from private nonprofit charitable organizations to the federal government, which is consistently less effective and efficient in caring for the needy.

Do you care about poor people or don’t you? That is the question.

OR: Do you love gummint more? (And while you’re at it, love penalizing wealth?)