Have you see this man?

Sun-Times draws a picture:

Story Image
Police released this sketch of the suspect who fatally shoved a 68-year-old church deacon down the stairs at the Fullerton L stop. The offender is described as black, between 17 and 25 years old, 5-foot-11 to 6-foot-4 and 170 to 220 pounds. He was wearing jeans, a black hat and black jacket with vertical writing or graphics down the center

What’s noteworthy is the racial identification, which news accounts of fugitives have not always supplied.

You damn inappropriate person, you . . .

The chief is madder than hell and won’t stand for it any more:

Acting Chicago Police Supt. Terry Hillard said the actions of two officers accused of sexually assaulting a North Side woman in a police car were inappropriate and cant be justified.

That hurts.

In his defense, he also said he felt “extreme outrage and disappointment.”

Anyhow, it’s how you talk from such a position.

Why should libs have all the social justice fun?

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Led me to this

It’s time for free-marketers to hijack social justice, currently occupied as inevitable high ground for libs or progressives or whatever they are calling themselves lately.

This list, for instance, today’s Google news findings, has just one out of ten illiberal items on p-1, from KPBS Public Broadcasting (!), San Diego, asking, Can A Libertarian Be An Advocate For Social Justice?

That’s an interview with the founder-proprietor of — just what I was looking for — the “Bleeding Heart Libertarians” blog. He’s Matt Zwolinski, Associate Professor of Philosophy at the University of San Diego.

More later, I hope, about this site, to which Google sent me, let’s face it, by way of a public-radio station!