The toothless Wisconsin recall

Say what? The Wis. recall of Republicans has no teeth in it?

[W]hereas we thought Kloppenburg had a real chance of beating Prosser, we’ve always been skeptical to the point of incredulity about the prospects for recalling Republican senators. That’s because under Wisconsin law, an official has to have served for a year before being subject to recall. That shields both Walker and all Republican lawmakers who replaced Democrats in last year’s election. As Wisconsin senators serve four-year terms, only those who survived the Democratic sweep of 2006 or 2008 can be recalled.

So Dems-identified bad guys not affected? Did not know that. Took WSJ’s Taranto to tell me. Unions’ hopes for status quo being upset by Prosser victory and Recall neutering, the jig is up for them:

One of the most important reforms is that union dues will become voluntary. State and local government will no longer take money out of their employees’ paychecks and hand it over to the unions. This is likely to be the last Wisconsin election in which the Democrats have the advantage of support from organizations with the power to raise campaign funds coercively.
Starved of the nourishment of forcibly collected dues, they may look like a 98-pound weakling by 2012.

On, Wisconsin!