T-party pats and 9/12 S-Town Project

This is the sort of thing you want to support, if only to declare your lack of confidence in how gummint people spend yr tax $.

An Appeal to Heaven

Chicago Tea Party Patriots


The 9/12 SouthTown Project

Faith, Hope & Charity


While Illinois spirals into bankruptcy, homeowners are being saddled to foot the bill more and more, through increasing property tax bills, even though home values have plummeted.

How can you get relief?

Join us on Saturday, May 21st, the Chicago Tea Patriots, along with the 9/12 SouthTown Project, at their Property Tax Relief and Business Fair, 11 a.m. – 1 p.m., at Crosswinds Church, 10835 South Pulaski Avenue in Chicago where officials from the City of Chicago Tax Advocator’s Office and Dan Patlak from the Cook County Board of Review will be on hand to explain how property assessment works and how to potentially lower your property tax bill.

All homeowners seeking tax relief is encouraged to attend. In addition, there will be free health care screenings, local businesses on hand to showcase their trades and products, a conservative table of various issues, including help on food storage, book readings and other issues of interest to conservatives, plus a book, CD and DVD sale!

We’ve decided that we need to do more than just protest and rally… We have EVOLVED!  Instead of protesting taxes, we will provide you with the needed tools and knowledge to gain a possible decrease in your property taxes!  So bring your neighbor and learn the tricks of the trade, and get the needed help, to decrease your property taxes!


There will be a meeting Saturday, May 7th, 5 p.m., at Durbin’s, 10240 South Kedzie Avenue in Evergreen Park

We will discuss our upcoming Homeowner’s Tax Fair, summer events, upcoming elections, the fundraiser and 9/12 parade.  Last meeting was absolutely fantastic! Let’s keep this rolling!  If you haven’t made our meetings yet, do so! Durbin’s serves one of the best pizzas and burgers, so come out and get involved!

There will be a meeting Saturday, May 14th, at 3 p.m., at the Wabash Tap, 1233 South Wabash, just off the Red and Orange Line. There is a nice menu and available parking.
We will discuss our upcoming Homeowner’s Tax Fair, summer events, upcoming elections, the fundraiser and 9/12 parade.  Last meeting was absolutely fantastic! Let’s keep this rolling! 

I would like to know your suggestions whether you would rather have Loop meetings on Fridays or Saturdays, and if you have any ideas on nice meeting places… Let me know your thoughts.

Tongue-tied in Rochester

Sun-Times’s Rosalind Rossi and Kim Janssen pack a lot into one sentence:

At once disarming and unhelpful, the Rochester superintendent’s response seemed to reveal little beyond a healthy fear of a politician who once sent a dead fish to one of his enemies.

He’s new Chi schools chief Jean-Claude Brizard, newly hired by mayor-elect Rahm Emanuel by whom he’s been told to keep his mouth shut as accusations swirl about him

Fascism revisited

Wish I’d said it in just this way . . . . :

“I wouldn’t call it fascism exactly,
but a political system nominally controlled
by an irresponsible, dumbed down electorate
who are manipulated by dishonest, cynical, controlled mass media
that dispense the propaganda of a corrupt political establishment
can hardly be described as democracy either.”

. . . . Having said it differently back when Big O. was not quite elected president, noting that Oak Parkers were going all-out for him:

The “man of action” business is particularly foreboding. It’s a staple of fascism, of course. Mussolini, Hitler, and FDR were a mutual admiration society before the stuff hit the fan in the matter of Jewish people being rounded up and beaten up and eventually much worse-the German contribution to fascism. The political appeal was based on admiration for the strong man who brooked no opposition.

Mussolini was crafty about it and inspired admiration in “progressive” circles in this country, as he had admired American pragmatism in Woodrow Wilson, the college professor-become-president with a yen for power that puts even today’s tenured radicals to shame. Then came FDR, the roaring pragmatist, and then Hitler. Progressives, later called liberals, yet later progressives again-the name changes keep them ahead of the awareness curve-love the man of action.

Now they have one. He’s The One, our smooth-talking Democrat presidential candidate with a yen for deciding how much you should earn before being hit with a tax hike-to “spread the wealth around,” as he unfortunately told that plumber in


Forget about the plumber.  It was the thought that counted — then and now. 

The third Emil breaks the traces

Emil Jones gives a talk to a Political Science...
Emil II, who puffed Obama early in the game

This Illinois state senator offers words of wisdom with implications he has not realized, I’d say.

“You can put all the laws on the books, but you can’t ever prevent anyone from committing crimes,”

said Emil Jones III, referring to cemetery regulations imposed in the wake (no pun intended) of the Burr Oak burial fiasco.

But what he says is applicable to gun laws and marijuana prohibition, among many other currently criminalized instances.  He’s an incipient libertarian?