St. Sabina prays

St. Sabina parishioners gird their loins.

The leadership is requesting a Corporate Fast on Tuesday, May 3, 2011. The focus scripture for our day of prayer and fasting is 1John 5:14-15. During the fast please pray for the following:

1) The work that God has already began in the lives of his people will continue to prosper ;
2) People of God will declare war on the spirit of distraction, fear, and all the assignments of the
3) The spirit of reconciliation – the people of God will embrace their calling as ministers of

Then on Tuesday evening we will have Corporate prayer in the church starting at 7pm.

If this be protest, it’s something new in Chicago, though not in the Church.

It’s in an e-blast for “Friends of St. Sabina.”

Oak Parkers, don’t hesitate to call

From Oak Park Village Clerk Teresa Powell in re: serial mugger:

Jim, one thing the police have requested is that ANYONE who thinks something is amiss should call the police. It’s a good policy at any time, but especially when concerns are high about this threat.

911 is the #, folks.

Meanwhile, the Guardian Angels are a unique presence. I watched a young white woman yesterday, mid-day, come out of her house on OP Ave. and hail three of them walking by, walk up to them and shake their hands. Three black guys in white T-shirts and red berets. Can’t remember the last time I saw anything like that.

Fox News Chi has good, recent coverage.