Bufoonery among the striped-pants crowd

Pakistan one edgy ally, so what? We Americans have our principles, hell or high water:

The [Pakistan] Senate Friday severely condemned the hosting of a gay pride ceremony by US embassy in Pakistan last month and sent the matter to the Senate Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs for taking any possible action.

They already consider us decadent and evil, and we flaunt our liberalism with this? (H/T Instapundit)

There they go again, acting like Democrats

Logo of General Motors Corporation. Source: 20...
Obama Motors

Stimulate economy our way: take money away, give it back to selected recipients (such as GM, remember?):

The leader of the House Democratic Caucus indicated this weekend that tax-revenue hikes must be included in a sweeping deficit-reduction plan to win the Democratic support it will need to pass.

That way, (a) they control things and (b) make friends who give to campaign funds.