Unionized teachers saved from their unions

Good news for teachers in Brown Deer WI. Gov. Brown’s bill finally became law on June 29, and 27 laid-off teachers got their jobs back.

With “collective bargaining rights” limited to wages, [school district finance director Emily] Koczela was able to change the teachers’ benefits package to fill the [million-dollar] budget gap. Requiring teachers to contribute 5.8 percent of their salary toward pensions saved $600,000. Changes to their health care plan​—​such as a $10 office visit co-pay (up from nothing)​—​saved $200,000. Upping the workload from five classes, a study hall, and two prep periods to six classes and two prep periods saved another $200,000. The budget was balanced.

Note: Saved from, not by, their unions, who would not, would not be moved (solidarity!). Saved by whom? Gov. Brown and his fellow Republicans, the enemies of the working class!

(HT Instapundit )