St. Therese patron of a certain kind of ordination

Holy hijacking!

This from the Call To Action on Facebook:

Tomorrow is the Feast of St. Therese of Lisieux! Patron saint of the women’s ordination movement! Forward this petition to your friends–it will be hand-carried to the Vatican in two weeks by Fr. Roy and representatives from Call To Action, Women’s Ordination Conference and Roman Catholic Womenpriests!

Yes. Derived from her praying for priests? Just praying a lot in general?

Notre Dame president vs. Obama admin? Yes

Jenkins of Notre Dave vs. Obamacare requirements, quoting Obama against Obamacare requirements:

Jenkins, who was criticized by dozens of bishops for inviting President Barack Obama to speak at commencement, noted that during Obama’s commencement speech at Notre Dame in May 2009 he said he favored “a sensible conscience clause.” Obama said the clause would give anti-abortion health care providers the right to refuse to perform the procedure.

Jenkins said the proposed change in law “runs contrary to a 40-year history of federal conscience statutes” and doesn’t reflect the sensible approach Obama talked about in his speech at Notre Dame.

News in the man-bites-dog category.

knuckledragging white trash texan cowboy wannabe?

Garden-variety lib responds at Daily Beast to mildly favorable comment about Rick Perry:

6 Minutes Ago
so, let me get this straight, under his “leadership”, given the fact that themoajority of jobs he “created” were of the low pay , no benefits varietty, you somehow think this merits his election as president? are you high on something? cause Id love to get me some of whatevr youve been smoking or shooting or snorting. the f*cking unemployment rate DOUBLED!!! in the time he’s been in office. the rates only gone up a percent or so under obama, and you think electing a knuckledragging white trash texan cowboy wannabe is going to help the solution….. HOW? jesus that is f*cking STUPID, shove your “we the people” bullshit pal. perry is a f*ckin moron, and its a disgrace that there is actually a segment of society thats stupid enough to fall for his crap.

Apart from the nuanced style, notice the “low pay, no benefits” criticism of Texas jobs, which is standard rebuttal of Texas employment achievement.

Dunno if or to what extent it’s true, for sake of argument will accept it and ask: Is it possible that prevailing union wages in other states and generous health insurance benefits are a hindrance to higher employment?

UAW people lived too high on the hog for decades, is that not so? Not? In any case, we do have an argument here, one that is too yucky for libs to consider, they being the utopians which they have come to be.

Joe Walsh and media and Obama

Can he say this?

Rep. Joe Walsh (R-Ill.) said the media protect President Obama and will work to get him reelected because he is black.

Well gosh, looks like he can.

Thing of it is, however, look how they covered for John Edwards. Maybe you don’t have to be black to get protection. But does it help?

“They are so vested in our first black president not being a failure that it’s going to be amazing to watch the lengths they go to to protect him,” Walsh said. “They, I believe, will spout this racist line if some of their colleagues up here aren’t doing it aggressively enough. There is going to be a real desperation.”

He is special, yes.