Roller coaster or smooth cruise

Voter’s choice:

* Roller-coaster with tough, smart, go-his-own-way Newt, who aims with devastating effect at media eager to destroy Republican candidates, or

* Cruise with Mitt, the super-organized, smooth as silk, cautious-in-a-desperate-time, quick-to-smile when being trashed when he should be grim and tight-lipped, overall less a national leader than a manager.

Assuming not Santorum, the growingly insufferable choir boy from Pennsylvania who at best exaggerates the usefulness of big government.

Newt’s kids are on his side in the Marianne war: big point here in his favor. 

Another very big point, mentioned above: he is prepared to take the mediums head-on.  Very important to marginalize them. 

Another: he also marginalized the indignant don’t-criticize-bad-habits crowd who take his food-stamp-president and get-a-job-kid remarks as racist.  Very important to shoot down phony racism accusations, which are at the heart of many bad policy decisions and call for a stake in their black hearts — as as dictionary-dot-com’s “without any moral quality or goodness; evil; wicked: His black heart has concocted yet another black deed.