Newt as flighty

Larry Kudlow finds Newt wanting:

What [Newt’s attacks on Bain Capital] tells me is Newt Gingrich is not a free-market capitalist, he said. I just had Sen. Jon Kyl, who has not made an endorsement. And Kyl however, rapped Gingrich by saying Republicans on the campaign trail that sound like left-wing Democrats are wrong and we need to make a moral case for free-market capitalism. And thats my beef against Gingrich political opportunism Steve Moore, does not in any way, shape or form in my book, just speaking personally political opportunism does not justify Gingrichs attacks on capitalism.

One of the criticisms of the former House speaker has been his willingness to latch on to the new idea of the day, whether it has been supporting global warming activism or his health care initiativeswith Hillary Clinton. Kudlow warned there might not be a boundary to where that could end.

And the hot idea tomorrow might be socialism and hell latch on to that, Kudlow said. Maybe Vladimir Putin takes over Russia and they declare 6.5 percent GDP and Newt Gingrich says, We need to take a look at that. We should take a look at that because its all very interesting. Im not going to concede an inch, not a millimeter on this point. Not a single nanosecond am I going to concede this. I will not forgive him for his attack on Bain Capital.

Uh-oh. Idea du jour, that sort of thing, and willing to dump on what really creates jobs. Newt’s Achilles heel.

On the other hand (from Reader D.):

Since I’m a ditto-head, I quote Rush: Beware the Republican Establishment — they do not want a Conservative to win. In their hearts they don’t think a Conservative can win — and they also don’t think Obama can lose. They’re content to let him have the White House again if they can have the House and Senate and all those delicious committee chairmanships, and money to spend again. Romney is their guy.

Newt in high school: Awards/Activities: Football, Debate Team, Thespian Society, National Merit finalist, Time Current Events Award winner / Voted: Most Intellectual
Mitt in high school: Awards/Activities: Cross Country, Hockey, Glee Club, Pre-med Club, Church Cabinet, The Forum, Pep Club, Blue Key Club, American Field Service, World Affairs Seminar, Speculator’s Club, Homecoming Committee Chairmen, Assistant Editor of the yearbook, Inter-house council representative

I used to love Jon Kyl but he waffled on the debt ceiling and of course he stands with fellow Arizonian John McCain. Why is it OK for Kyl to say Newt sounds like a “left-wing Democrat” any more than when Newt took a jab at Paul Ryan for “social-engineering is wrong from the right or the left” — the man with the gusto to turn around the ship of state, make the unpopular big decisions and sell them to the people isn’t wanted by his party because they want a nice guy who’ll go along and not rock the ship of state. Newt might only last for 1 term — but if he puts enough stuff back in place, it will be worth the ruckus.
Personally, my man was Mike Pence of Indiana. But he doesn’t want a street fight. Newt could win an alley fight against Obama and the media.

When they made a fuss about the Chicago fire fighters who were drinking beer on camera and acting foolish my thinking was: These are guys who run into burning buildings — they aren’t in the church choir. Mitt Romney IS in the church choir. The Republican elites want the rich white guy they can work with and schmooze with, not the guy who’s nuts enough to run into a burning building. I wish they’d wake up and smell the country burning.

OK!  All right already!

More guns, less crime

Hate crimes argue need for gun ownership?

FBI statistics, cited by the National Rifle Association, show that “right-to-carry” states have 22 percent lower total violent crime rates, 30 percent lower murder rates, 46 percent lower robbery rates, and 12 percent lower aggravated assault rates, as compared to the rest of the country. I wonder what would be the effect on hate crimes.

Stats (I mean statistics) that don’t fly in major media. [HT: the indispensable Instapundit]