Working stiffs to enviros: Get lost

It’s that pipeline:

The Laborers International Union of North America announced today that it is quitting the BlueGreen Alliance, a major coalition group. LIUNA head Terry O’Sullivan did not mince words in explaining why they were leaving in a statement released today.

“AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka recently said there was a divide in the labor movement over this project. That is an understatement. That divide is as deep and wide as the Grand Canyon. We’re repulsed by some of our supposed brothers and sisters lining up with job killers like the Sierra Club and the Natural Resources Defense Council to destroy the lives of working men and women.”

LIUNA was not the only union upset over the White House’s action. On Wednesday, Edwin Hill, president of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, asked critics of the pipeline: “What are your plans to replace the 20,000 jobs that are now on hold?” The Teamsters, among other unions, had also supported the project.

BlueGreen [sic] Alliance should have the blues over that, not to mention their maximum leader, O.

On not paying attention at mass

It’s a question of filtering.  Readers murder the language, chanter squeaks and over-dramatizes, choir delivers warmed-over pop stuff, people behind you chat, presider (celebrant, mass-sayer, whatever) gives into quirks, offering his own rendition of the words of the mass. 

Somehow have your own private mass, ignoring the minister when necessary, trusting in ex opere operato, that is, the work worked, what makes the mass the mass, rather than opera operantis (the work of the one working), that is, what the priest brings personally to the opus, that is, the mass itself.

Clear as mud?  OK, ignore the nonessentials that bug you, concentrate on what matters.  Amen, brother and sister.